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The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Google Ads Services

Posted By Gaurav | 15-Mar-2024 | PPC
Explore MadHawks' insights on AI and machine learning in Google Ads services, optimizing targeting, and enhancing ad performance.

AI and Machine Learning are heavily impacting the way digital marketing works. Be it content marketing, social media, PPC services, or any other marketing tactics, AI seems to influence the field in some or the other way.

Google Ads, which is Google’s PPC solution, allows businesses to bid on keywords in order to show their ads for relevant searches.

Almost every business that is present online is running Google ads to expand its reach today. If you are also using Google Ads or your PPC services partner is doing that for your brand, you must be aware of how AI and Machine Learning are changing the Google Ads landscape.

Here are some of the most powerful AI features that have made Google Ads even more efficient:

1. Smart Campaigns

As the name suggests, the smart campaign feature helps you create better PPC campaigns and also improves the ongoing ones with the help of artificial intelligence. With this, the campaign designing process becomes faster as well as more effective. Let us help you understand this with an example. When you write a few lines about the products or services you want to promote, Google Ads writes the entire text with AI. Also, you can easily set keywords and bids with the help of the maintenance function. 

2. Ad Strength

After creating or editing an Ad, publishers use the Ad strength metric to measure the quality and relevance of the ad. Google Ads, with the help of artificial intelligence, offers suggestions on how you can improve Ad strength. Based on these suggestions, you can optimize your ad’s content to improve the Ad strength and make your campaign more effective. 

3. Automated Bidding

If you want to bid more efficiently, you can use the automatic bidding feature supported by AI. It is a bid strategy in which Google uses AI to set a bid for your ad based on how likely is that ad to result in a click or conversion. With manual bidding, it’s quite difficult to choose the most accurate bid as there are thousands of competitors. In the case of automated bidding, you can choose any of the available bidding options depending on the objective of your ad.  Your goal can be to maximize conversions, maximize clicks, increase impression share, maximize CPA, or improve cost-per-click.

4. Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search is another AI-powered feature of Google ads. It lets you create ads that can show more relevant messages to your target audience. It allows you to enter multiple headlines and descriptions for your ad. Over time, Google creates different combinations of titles and descriptions to test which combination works best for your audience. It determines the best combinations through data analysis and ML techniques and shows relevant results to users as per their specific queries. 

5. Optimization Score

Optimization score is a metric used to measure the performance of your Google Ads account. It assigns a value between 0% to 100% to your account and you can accordingly know the performance. A 100% score means that your account is all set to perform at its full potential. And a 0% score means the exact opposite. The assigned score is determined on the basis of several factors, including account statistics, campaign settings, status, and recent recommendations history. This score impacts several important aspects, such as ad extensions, bids, ad campaign recommendations, and budgets. Along with the score, Google also provides suggestions to improve your optimization score. 

6. Automated Ad Extensions

Google automatically adds some extensions to your ads when there is a chance that Google can improve its performance. Some of these automated extensions are only visible on computers and not on smartphones or other mobile devices. Google uses AI to identify where it can improve your ads performance and adds automated extensions accordingly. Advertisers have to pay for these extensions only when users click on them. 

7. Similar Audiences

Similar audiences is an AI tool that Google uses to find people who have similar interests to people who are already there in your existing remarketing lists. It helps you expand your reach to new potential customers. Google uses the vast amount of user data stored in its database and determines the characteristics of visitors to create a list of users who share interests with your existing customers. It is a simple yet effective way to reach more potential customers and get a higher number of clicks and impressions.

8. Dynamic Ads

With dynamic ads, Google aims to show the right ads to the right group of people. In simple words, dynamic ads provide the simplest way to show your ads to people who are looking for exactly what you offer. You just need to provide Google with some landing pages to do this. It uses tools like A/B testing to create the most effective ad copies based on the content of your campaign. These ad copies are made effective enough to grab your users’ attention. It can also help you fill the gaps in your keyword-based campaigns. 

9. Targeting

The AI-based targeting features like custom intent, custom affinity, or smart display, of Google allow ad publishers to target the right audience with their ads. Custom intent helps find the right people who are looking for your products or services. Custom affinity refers to the audience base that you create yourself on Google Ads to align the interests of your target audience. And the third feature, Smart Display, allows you to show your ads in multiple formats. These features help you target the right people under the right budget with your Google Ads. Once you reach the right consumers, you can easily convert them into your customers with retargeting. 

Things To Consider Before Partnering With A PPC Marketing Services Company

If you are planning to partner with a PPC service provider, you need to consider a few things before making your final decision. Firstly, you should be very clear about the objectives that you intend to achieve with PPC marketing. Once you start looking for a service provider, make sure that they are experienced in the field and can help you achieve the desired results. 

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