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Unconventional Ways To Boost Engagement On Instagram!

Instagram is a way to grow immensely. This platform has the power to grow your reach and also the engagement of your product immensely.
unconventional ways to boost engagement on instagram

Instagram is a way to grow immensely. This platform has the power to grow your reach and also the engagement of your product immensely. We would suggest that before these means blow up and become a staple, get hooked and start using them to help grow your platform. 

These are the best ways to also connect with like minded people and this is going to immensely help you. We’d recommend that you do not gatekeeper and get everyone involved, thus you will be able to get more out of it. You will also be able to meet and network with more people. 

1- Telegram 

Telegram is a great way to be able to find an audience. You can join engagement pods and these will greatly help you find an audience on engagement pods. These are pods where you can engage with other individuals who have similar interests and you are looking to engage with others who are posting the kind of content that they like. Telegram is also enabling users to be able to form closed groups and this is a way to choose who is in this group and set rules on what the engagement rate has to be so that the engagement can be reciprocated to all the members. 

2- Facebook Groups

Well. as we say  it here at MadHawks, Facebook groups are the best place to be able to engage with a new audience of like minded people and in doing that you will be able to share your content with them and thus you will enable yourself to have a wider audience, and that will in turn give you a wider reach. A wider reach means more eyes, which can help get more traction. 

3- Collaboration Post

When instagram rolls out a feature, it is time to not just use it, but to overuse it. Using this feature shows the algorithm that you are following, and that will help you to get your content to reach a much wider audience and thus more engagement. Also doing a collaboration introduces you to the new audience that you are targeting and thus will open new doors for you.

4- Niche Content Creators

We have all heard about using influencer marketing services,but niche influencer marketing is an entirely different ball game. These niche creators have a dedicated audience within the niche that they create content in, and whatever they recommend, their audience checks it out. So reaching out to and working with niche creators is indeed a great strategy. 

5- Whatsapp Groups

No this is not a tactic that is dated, this is a tactic of marketing that has now received a facelift. It is taking mailers and newsletters, mashing them together, and sending short crisp shareable content and having it spread through Whatsapp. If downe well, it will have a great effect and can help boost engagement. 

We hope that these will be tips that can help you to boost your campaign and that when you use them you are able to elevate your promotions game to the next level. 

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