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Understanding the Schema Markup & How To Implement It

One of the best SEO practices to follow is to integrate schema markup. Further in this blog, we will help you understand the basics of schema markup that are there to know.
understanding the schema markup and how to implement it

For any business and marketing agency, having good SEO services is essential to rank their pages higher in the SERPs. One of the strategies that you can implement here is Schema Markup. 

As we move forward in this blog we will discuss in detail the integration of schema in SEO for enhanced results. Starting with the basics. 

What is Schema Markup?

Schema in SEO is a code that you can integrate in your website to help the search engines pick up your website better. It is also referred to as structured data and allows you to display your content in a better detailed manner. 

It leverages featured snippets to showcase better results which further helps you to get more visibility, more traffic, and more clicks on the website. Furthermore, the schema in digital marketing can be categorized into different types. 

What are Different Schema Available? 

SEO and digital marketing are very vast and hence need different types of schema to be integrated for better results. Here we are listing all the types of schema in digital marketing that you can leverage for enhanced visibility. One thing about these markups is that these are quite a bit self-explanatory and you can figure out their basics from the name itself. 

  • Organization Schema

Organization schema

This schema in digital marketing is used to offer information to Google about an organization. It includes the name of the organization, its location, head office, and other office locations along with the contact details, website, logo, social media, and other relevant information if any. 

It also contains reviews from former or current employees about the organization, their experiences and feedback which provides you better understanding and insights into the organization. 

This information is further leveraged to create a side knowledge panel which is used to show all the information about the organization. 

  • Review Schema 

review schema

It helps you to add a star rating and review right below the product. This is essential to help understand the quality of the product. For searchers this is helpful as it provides them an overview of what the other users have to say about the product and whether or not the product is worth investing in.

These can be added on any website with any kind of consumable products.   

  • Article Schema

Article schema

The next one is the article markup which is essential to offer Google structured data about the contents of an article published online. It consists of the title of the article along with the descriptions, and a picture (if possible) for better clarity and readability for the user. 

Furthermore, it consists of article published date, author name as well. This information is directly visible to Google in the search results and makes it easier for the audience or the searchers to read about the article. This can be used for any form of articles be it news article, blog post, sports articles or any other.  

  • Course Schema

course schema

As the name explains, it provides information about an educational course such as its duration of the course, offered by an institution or online platform, instructor name, a brief description of the course, and any other information required. 

This is essential for a searcher who is trying to figure out which course to enroll with and gather the basic information for a better understanding of the course. In certain online courses you will also find reviews or ratings mentioned from the previous users for more clarity. 

  • Product Schema

product schema

As the name suggests, this markup is one of the best strategies for e-commerce websites for any other website that has any product-related aspects. It provides the search engine and the searchers detailed information about your products which makes it easier for the user to identify their needs and engage with your product and website. 

It further contains reviews, product details, ratings, prices, shipping information, and return information along with the availability of the product. This way you don’t have to worry about reading the long terms to identify the basics of the product before purchasing. 

  • Local business Markup

Local schema

Furthermore, local business markup, provides Google with all the necessary information about a local business. It consists of the location of the business, their exact address, phone number, opening hours, pictures, peak rush hours, and any other relevant information. 

This provides you all the information you need to know about the local business without visiting the place and making a better decision about the business. This is used to attract more local customers for better business. 

Moving on, let’s have a look at the benefits of integrating the schema in SEO. 

Benefits of Schema Markup

When it comes to the benefits of implementing schema markup strategies in SEO and in digital marketing, here are some major benefits that come from it. 

  • Enhanced visibility 

This is one of the most important and basic benefits of schema in digital marketing is that it enhances the visibility of the webpages and provides your website with increased visibility, increased traffic and clicks on the website. 

This helps your business to get more organic traffic and helps gain more business as well.  

  • Better understanding 

The next benefit is of providing Google with better understanding and context of your website which further allows the users and searchers to have a clear understanding of your business and engage accordingly. 

  • Competitive edge

Not only it helps to provide you with a better ranking in the search results but also provides your business with a competitive advantage among others. It also allows your business to gain popularity due to the clarity it presents with schema. 

Implementing Schema Markup in the Website

Now that we have established the basics of the schema markup generator, let’s have a look at the integration part of it. 

of your page 

  • Land on Google structured data markup helper tool

  • Choose a data type such as articles or other as per your preferences 

  • Paste the URL to which you wish to add markup and start tagging 

  • Star markup process for the page in different sections such as title, name and others

  • Once you are done, then Generate HTML for the page in the JSON-LD format 

  • Add this HTML to the

  • Now test this schema markup before going public with a schema validator 

With these easy seven steps, you can get the schema markup integrated into your website. This further allows you to leverage the various benefits you get by integrating the schema markup in your website. 

However, to every such strategy, there are some do’s and don’ts as well. Some of the best practice strategies to follow in the implementation of schema in SEO are: 

  • Choosing the right type of schema for your websites as per the requirement

  • Using JSON-LD format for schema generator 

  • Offer detailed information for better representation of data on Google

  • Leverage Rich result test tool for validation 

  • Update your markup regularly 

  • Align with the new updates  

  • Avoid any spam or bad practices 

Putting the Last Comments

For any business that is trying to get a higher ranking in the search results integrating schema markup is one of the best ways to do it. This process allows you to have a clear understanding of what you are trying to present to the audience and choose the suitable markup for your website as per your preference. 

This further makes it easy for the users as well to make informed decisions about a business and gather useful information about a business without getting involved in in-depth research. This further allows the users to visit the webpage and hence increases your clicks and traffic on the website. 

MadHawks being a digital marketing agency has always appreciated these efforts and has made it efforts to integrate such organic strategies for helping businesses rank higher in their niches. 

For more information about SEO services get in touch with our expert teams here at MadHawks and get results for your business as well. For more such informational content read our previous blogs and subscribe to our newsletter for weekly marketing updates. 


What is the recommended format for implementing schema markup?

The recommended format for implementing schema markup by default is JSON-LD or Microdata due to the fact that it isn’t woven into the actual content of the page. 

How to add schema markup to the website?

To add schema markup to your website follow a simple seven-step process which can be done with the help of the markup helper tool available via Google. 

Why schema markup is important?

Schema markup is important because it helps you to get increased visibility, more traffic, clicks and competitive advantage to your niche. It also helps you get a higher ranking in the search results. 

How to check schema markup?

To check schema markup you can use a schema validator tool which is available and test the efficiency of the makeup integrated. 

What is a schema markup generator?

Schema markup generator JSON-LD is structured data that helps in the creation of the markup links for the schema integration.


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