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Unlocking the Power of People Also Search For: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted By Gaurav | 21-Feb-2024 | Search Engine Optimization
We all have seen those suggestions of ‘People Also Search For’ on Google, here’s what you need to know about it all.

Have you ever noticed during a Google search there are certain suggestions available on the search results page under a section of ‘People Also Search For’? Yes, the questions with a drop-down clickable answer on the search page. These questions are other relatable questions to your search query which can help you have a thorough understanding of the topic. 

These questions or suggestions are some of the highly relevant web pages associated with the search query that you have added. Moreover, later in this blog we will help you have a thorough understanding of what ‘People Also Ask’ and ‘People Also Search For’ signifies. 

Decoding ‘People Also Search For’

This feature was first introduced by Google to help the users have an enhanced search experience. This further works in six different approaches listed below: 

  • Search Query

Based on your search query, Google will show you the most relevant search results available on the net along with a section of similar other queries as ‘People Also Search For’ (PASF). These PASF queries are in accordance with the original query that you entered. 

Furthermore, the web pages available in these links can further help you understand your query and help you get answers that are relevant. 

  • Purpose

The purpose of this feature is to allow users to have an enhanced experience and understand the query without having to perform any additional searches. 

  • User Behaviour 

Based on the collective user search behaviour this section of PASF is designed to offer you better results. These search items are co-related to your original search query and can be leveraged to dig deeper into the search query. 

  • Contextual and Dynamic

This indicates that the ‘People Also Search For’ section is contextual and relevant to the original search query to show you better results without deviating from the original search. 

Being dynamic refers to the ever-changing nature of this feature based on the recent trends and new available information. 

  • Placement on Page

It is usually placed after the first few top search results but the placement can further vary based on the search results. 

  • SEO Implications

The ‘People Also Search For’ section can also help the content creators and website owners to analyze and understand the most trending keywords and phrases based on the search query.

Appear in ‘People Also Search For’ Recommendations

Now that you know the basics of the PASF and how it operates, here are some points for you to consider if you wish to get your content in the PASF recommendations as well. 

  • Search Intent 

Have a clear understanding of the user search intent and other related queries as it will help you modify your content accordingly. 

  • Keyword Research

Carry out a thorough keyword research analysis and try to incorporate the same keywords in your content to make it appear higher in the recommendations. 

  • Content Relevance

Ensure that the content that you are creating is relevant to the search query and keywords are not being stuffed for the sake of ranking as this kind of approach has been discouraged by Google. 

  • Updated Content

Keep your content updated as per the recent trends, relevant new information and keep adding new information along with keywords to keep the content fresh and relevant to the search query. 

  • Interlinking and Expertise 

Interlink the web pages to help users navigate through the website for them to get to your content information. Also establish your expertise on the topic by offering the right information. 

  • Competitor Analysis 

Carry out a thorough competitor analysis to have a clear understanding of how your competitors are leveraging the keywords and which trends are they talking about. 

Moreover, there is one additional section that appears in the search results page which is ‘People Also Ask’. 

Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ Feature

This feature was first launched by Google in the year 2015 to ensure that the user is getting relevant information based on a search query. It represents some additional questions that are in any manner related to the original query and can help the user better understand the search query. 

The results shown in this ‘People Also Ask’ box are some of the most relevant user-generated web pages that consist of information that is relevant to the original search query. The entire purpose of this is to offer an enhanced overall user search experience without having to deviate from the original search results. 

Important and Unique Features

Here are some of the most important features that you need to know regarding the ‘People Also Ask’ (PAA). 

First and foremost the questions available in this PAA box come directly from the user-generated web pages that contain similar information that your original search query indicates. 

These PAA boxes or questions are not shown on all the search result pages, instead they appear only on 43% of the search result pages. Similarly their placement is also not fixed on the page as to where they will appear. 

The answers available in these pages are either in the form of text, bullet points, images, or videos as well. All the sources that offer a relevant query or information will be shown in Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ box. 

PAA questions will populate endlessly. Once you click on one of the PAA boxes it will keep showing you a query similar to the one you just clicked and the process will keep on going endlessly. This ensures that the user is getting enough information on the search query and all relevant sources are being presented to the user for an enhanced experience. 

Ranking on ‘People Also Ask’

Now that we have established the important features of ‘People Also Ask’ here are some tips for you to follow if you wish to rank in the PAA box. 

  • Relevant Topic and Keywords

First and foremost pick a topic that is relevant to your website and web page and start by doing keyword research on the same topic. Once done, start writing relevant content integrated with the relevant keywords. 

  • Q&A Content 

Try to make your content in the form of questions and answers such as FAQs which are easy for the user to understand and offer to-the-point answers. These Q&A forms of content are more likely to rank in the PAA box due to their accuracy and relevance. 

  • Popular PAA

Do a research and pick out all the popular ‘People Also Ask’ you can find on the relevant topic. Start to write the answers for these popular questions and suggestions as it will give you a headstart with the relevant content.  

  • Headlines 

Pay attention to the headlines on your web page as they are the most crucial aspect of the content. Start writing descriptive headlines that consist of the relevant and trending keywords as well for the search engines to crawl and identify easily. 

  • Expertise and Authority 

Establish your expertise and authority on the topic by adding external links to your website. This will further help to build credibility of your web pages and contribute to higher chances of your content being shown in the recommendations of the PAA box. 

  • All round Content

While writing the content ensure that it consists of all aspects of the topic and that the information that you are offering is not biased or false in any manner. Ensure that you are covering all the relevant questions to your topic and the audience as well for the content to rank in the recommendations. 

  • How-to Guides 

Instead of writing long paragraphs, try writing your content in the form of a how-to-guides which consists of small bullet points. These points will help the user to have a clear and better understanding of the content and all the aspects related to the topic. 

Having covered all the important aspects and points of the ‘People Also Search For’ and ‘People Also Ask’, before diving into this ensure that you have a robust strategy and the topic that you are picking is relevant to your website and your niche to further contribute to the expertise of your content. 

MadHawks’s Concluding Points

Getting your content reflected in the ‘People Also Search For’ and Google’s ‘People Also Ask’ helps to establish the authority of your content and your website. It further helps to drive more traffic to your website, and generate more leads for your business as well. 

If you are someone looking to integrate such strategies into your business but don’t know where to start, MadHawks is your ideal solution. The expert team of MadHawks will help you integrate this approach to your business and help you generate more traffic as well. 

For more details get in touch with our experts today! 

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