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What is the role of SEO in digital marketing?

In this digital age, the competition for audience engagement is fierce, making SEO a vital component of your campaign
what is the role of seo in digital marketing

As we know digital marketing has exploded and the benefits can be seen all over. This has led to most brands and individuals using digital marketing or choosing digital marketing services providers to boost their online  presence 

If you have a digital presence, it means that you are able to make an impact. And being able to make an impact is a means for you to build traction. Traction is always a good thing because when you create traction, it means that you are able to convert it into sales. Sales is one of the key objectives of a brand coming to be. 

Some brands have been late to digital marketing for various reasons, but once they start, there is no going back. 

SEO has remarkable benefits for a brand. Search Engine Optimization is a great way for you to be able to stand out, build relations, get leads, rank on Google, and have an overall better social media presence for your brand. It can play a pivotal role in positioning yourself as an industry leader, and controlling the narrative about your brand. 

Digital Marketing in 2023 has turned into a necessity for every brand. One of the reasons is that people look to search engines when they want to get an opinion on a topic. Also if they want to check the credibility of a brand or an institution then they go online, and it completely depends on how you’ve positioned yourself. 

This positioning helps to build an image and this image is of great importance in your brand's identity.

In an era where attention spans are diminishing, holding your audience is as important as being able to get new audiences. This is why having SEO as a part of your tool kit is crucial. 

SEO has benefits that have been well established, but when it comes to your business, here are some of the reasons why SEO is key for digital marketing. 

1: Brings Organic Search Traffic Onto Your Website.

Every second there are approximately 63,000 Google searches performed. If you want to make sales and want to generate organic traffic, SEO is the most effective way to do so.
Using SEO is a great way to tap into the wide number of people who are online looking for answers and thus be able to pitch yourself to them. Having an optimized website means that your page can be crawled easily. It means that you stand a higher chance of ranking higher in the search section. Being able to be recognized is the main goal of digital marketing, and SEO helps you to achieve just that. 

2: It Is Cost-Effective For Lead Generation.

Generating leads may be costly, but it is equally expensive to find leads who are interested in the same goods or services that you are offering. Having a good SEO strategy can help you with this. 

3:Helps To Increase Your Brand Awareness.

Once people know about your brand that is the first step for you to be able to receive traction. This keeps building as people post about you, and that is how digital marketing works.

Now, when it comes to SEO, ranking high, and using the right keywords will ensure that you are landing on the search section of all the right words, and in front of your customers. When these potential customers find you, you will be able to surface where they are looking. 

4: Keeps You Ahead Of Your Competition.

Ranking high on Google or any search engine is a sure way to boost your credibility. This will help people build a positive opinion about you. And a favorable opinion is always a great way to beat out the competition at their own game. 

 5: Helps Have Your Website Optimised For Mobile Users.

Here are some of the statistics as of February 2023. Around 52.08% of the total web searches and visits over different search engine browsers are conducted by mobile devices. Now in comparison, the rest of the visits are divided between tablets, desktops, and laptops. 

Thus if you want to get clicks and conversions, you should be where your audience will be looking for you. And that currently means having an SEO strategy that is mobile device compatible. 

6: It Helps To Build Trust.

Trust is the key. If you do not have your audience's trust, you will not be able to sell them anything. Being able to sell is an art, but doing the background work to build recall is equally as important. 

Having a digital presence coupled with having the backing of SEO is what you need to be able to build this trust and then convert these individuals into loyal customers. 

Customer acquisition may be expensive but using SEO and the targeting that it offers, it becomes much easier and cheaper too. Local SEO will greatly help to corner the local market. In cornering this local market you will be able to get the right traction that you desire from individuals in your area. 

And with long tail keywords, you will be able to rank on topical subjects within your niche. This will help build your credibility in your niche.

Digital Marketing and SEO together are a match made in heaven, and this can help your business be able to go from strength to strength. 

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