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Why Diversity is the Jigsaw Puzzle Piece on Social media

Representation helps people see a little bit of themselves in the media. It is the responsibility of people everywhere to do their bit to be inclusive and represent people in the best possible manner, thus creating positive role models for future generations.
why diversity is the jigsaw puzzle piece on social media

Brands have a responsibility. They can fulfil this by encouraging social change.

Content creators can help with that, by bringing their stories and their experiences to the table, they also lend their identity to the brand, and thus they help give a brand a face. In doing so they are also able to be torchbearers for change and are able to make people feel that the brand is accessible to them. The reason why this is highly important is that recent studies have shown that 75% of Gen Z claim that they are politically or socially engaged. And thus catering to them and the platforms that they stand for is crucial for a brand

Reaching a new audience

Using new content creators helps bring your brand in front of a new audience. In doing so, you are also able to be able to market yourself to a completely new audience. When you do that you have not only ensured that you have got a new face to endorse your brand, but you are also helping usher in a new wave of change. 

Increase the reach of your campaigns

Another pro about running campaigns, on social media platforms, that cater to a wide audience is that when you feature a diverse range of creators in your campaign, it helps to improve the credibility of your brand. What you achieve out of this is, you have got creators who are creating content that is sharable, and also marketable to a broad range of audiences. In doing so you are then able to help increase the brand awareness of your brand amongst previously untapped audiences, and then you are also able to grow in understanding about more people and their way of life.

Maximize the benefits of social media

Social media has the power to bring together people from all walks of life, so, then why not bring together creators for the greater good and inclusion of all. Let us break that down for you, creator campaigns can run over a longer duration on social media, and these can also be run into ads and campaigns on their own that are stand-alone. What happens when you go on and include a broad range of creators, is that you are able to effectively represent ‘real-life people’. 

 This can then help shape your marketing campaign, and you can talk about how you are able to tap into real-life experiences. Rather than marketing your new product to the masses via an already famous face like a major model or a major actor who may unauthentically represent one demographic group, or might just be promoting a product because they are being paid to do so, what you as a brand can do is go on and work with multiple creators, each of them who are representing their own diverse background and behaviors. Thus you will have real people telling real stories about your product to their engaging audiences. 

In the new year, it is crucial that we move towards change and when we do so, we should also be able to be a part of this change. One of the best ways to help make your small mark is by ushering in the wave of diversity in campaigns.