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Why Keywords Important in 2024 SEO Strategy?

Posted By Gaurav | 19-Feb-2024 | Search Engine Optimization
If you are searching for some good points to be integrated in your SEO strategy then adding relevant keywords is one of the most important strategies. For more details about the relevance of keywords, read along.

For every successful SEO strategy, it is important to have a robust SEO strategy which consists of different strategies such as adding relevant keywords, technical SEO and other on-page, off-page SEO. The most commonly asked question however is, why keywords important for a good SEO?

The reason being with relevant SEO keywords, you can rank your content and website higher in the search results. This will further help you to get more traffic, visibility and leads for your business and website. Furthermore, here in this blog we will help you understand: do keywords help SEO or not? 

SEO Keywords: Significance and Importance

With Google rolling out new updates and core updates every few months, it is essential to have a robust and sustainable SEO strategy in place. There are different key elements in the SEO strategy, one being trending and relevant keywords. 

Before we dive into the different keyword strategies that can be implemented, understand the importance of leveraging these SEO keywords. 

Adding relevant keywords in your website content and the blogs that you publish can help the search engine to have a better understanding of the content and offer the users with highly relevant content based on their search intent. 

These relevant keywords, helps the search engine to understand the content and leveraging the AI-ML processing to offer relevant search results. This allows the users to have an enhanced search experience and your content to rank higher on the search engines results. 

Furthermore, these SEO keywords are segregated into different categories such as: 

  • Branded 

  • Non-branded 

  • Global and Local  

  • Geography and Brand

  • Brand and Product

Do Keywords Help SEO?

Different businesses and niches have different target and relevant keywords that can help them rank higher, and get more visibility in the search results. Here are some pros of integrating SEO keywords and help you understand why keywords important for your business. 

  • Understand and indicate user search intent 

The most basic benefit of integrating SEO keywords into your SEO strategy will help the search engine to have a better understanding of the user search intent and display users with relevant search results. 

Furthermore, integrating keywords that are relevant to your business will help the users to have a clear understanding of the content that is being shown depending on the search query. 

  • Identify right target audience

Using relevant keywords requires you to carry out a competitive analysis and have an understanding of the competitor strategies. This competitive research further enables you to understand and identify the target audience suitable for your business. 

Once this target audience has been identified and keywords are selected, you can go ahead and start integrating the keywords in your website content and draft articles with the same keywords as well. 

  • Generate more traffic 

With relevant keywords and constant SEO efforts you are bound to rank higher in the search results which will further drive more traffic to your website and help you generate more leads, and traffic for your business. This higher traffic can further lead to higher leads and hence more business and revenue for your business. 

  • Enhanced CTR

Another benefit is enhanced CTR (click through rate) which implies that the traffic that is being generated on the website is coming from the relevant keywords and the user intent becomes more clear as they are coming via certain search keywords in the search query. 

  • Access to high volume user search

With right keywords being integrated into your website content will help you rank and appear in the search results with the similar search intent and keywords. Furthermore, using certain long-tail keywords will help you appear in high volume user search results that is beneficial as it allows the users to have a thorough understanding of your content. 


SEO Keywords Strategies Implemented

Now that we have established the benefits and significance of using SEO keywords in the website content, let’s have a quick glance at some of the most common and successful strategies that can be integrated for better results. 

  • Avoid keyword stuffing 

Most people while starting out think adding relevant keywords randomly in your website content or stuffing the keywords without it making sense will also help drive traffic to your website. However, keyword stuffing is one such practice that Google devalued a long time back. 

With keyword stuffing the chances of your website ranking higher are negative, hence it is advisable to not indulge in such practices. Instead it is essential to add relevant keywords to the content that makes sense with your content and allows the user to find the content relevant to your search query. 

This approach will further help your business to generate more traffic and more revenue for your business. 

  • Relevant SEO Keywords

As mentioned above, adding relevant keywords to your website and content will help you get better results. As this will allow the search engines to have a better understanding of your content and show your content to the user with a similar search query and search intent. 

To identify relevant keywords, there are various AI-based and other tools available online which can give you an entire list of relevant SEO keywords along with the search volume. 

This information is necessary for your business as it allows you to strategize accordingly and use easy keywords in the initial phase and slowly target higher keywords as well. This process will help you create a brand presence and authority in the search results while offering genuine and relevant content. 

  • Keyword Placement 

More than the keyword frequency that is used in the website, the placement of the keywords matters. The right placement of the keywords can help to grab the user’s attention and help them engage further with your website and content. 

Apart from this, using long-tail keywords in the title of the webpage will have higher chances of ranking as these long-tail keywords are being used most frequently by the users. Additionally, similar keywords are to be used in the URL, meta description, and image description along with others. 

  • Long tail Keywords 

For higher ranking search results, long-tail keywords are used most frequently as the user search query consists of these long-tail keywords. Hence, one good strategy is to integrate these keywords into your SEO strategy and generate more traffic for your website and drive more revenue into your business. 

  • Semantic Search 

In the latest approach, Google is now using semantic search as a part of SEO strategy. Leveraging semantic search you can target a specific keyword and still rank your website in the other relevant keywords which fits your business description and requirements as well. This will help you have even more search volume and generate more traffic along with generating more leads. 

  • Aligned with Google updates 

Google has been launching new updates every few months and hence, it is important that the SEO strategies that you are devising should be aligned with these latest Google updates and policies. To keep yourself updated with the latest Google updates read our blogs and subscribe to our weekly newsletter. 

  • Adaptive Strategy

Another key element is to keep your strategy open to adapt more relevant factors that can help you have a robust SEO strategy and help you rank higher in the search results. This will allow you to incorporate the recent trends and leverage the related keywords in your content to further offer the users with a relatable experience and content. 

Above mentioned points will help you have a clear understanding of leveraging SEO keywords and give answers to your questions of do keywords help SEO as well.  

MadHawks’ Take on Why Keywords Important

MadHawks, being a digital marketing agency, has a firm belief that incorporating relevant SEO keywords into your strategy will surely help your business grow, get more traffic and generate more revenue as well. 

Hence, we recommend having a robust SEO team in place along with an effective content team that can generate high quality content leveraging the SEO keywords and drive results for your business. Additionally, it is important for both the teams to have collaborative work and take inputs from each other. 

If you are looking for a reliable SEO strategy partner for your business that can help you drive more traffic, generate more revenue and create user relevant content for your business, MadHawks is your ideal choice. Our expert and experienced teams offer your customized solutions as per your business requirements and allows you to keep a track of the progress as well. 

For more information, get in touch with the MadHawks SEO experts today and untangle your business with us. 

Gaurav Yadav
SEO expert

Gaurav Yadav is a skilled SEO expert with over 8 years of experience in digital marketing. He specializes in technical SEO, content strategy, and link building, and has a proven track record of driving organic traffic growth for a diverse range of clients. With his expertise in various verticals, he can execute industry-specific SEO strategies for SAAS, BFSI, healthcare, lifestyle, and education.