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Why Social Media Marketing is For Everyone in 2023?

Social media provides you with a platform for your audience and consumers to share feedback, experiences, and testimonials
why social media marketing is for everyone in 2023

Before we get to how social media and how social media marketing is changing the marketing landscape, let’s talk about what social media marketing is.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing includes activities to promote a brand, product, or idea using social media platforms. Social media marketing has been instrumental in brand-building for most businesses. social media marketing company has helped millions of small and big businesses drive traffic to their websites and improve their sales. 

Social media marketing allows more accurate targeting of audiences based on various user attributes. Precise targeting improves the quality of traffic and leads for the brand.  

Here are some of the benefits of social media marketing that can help you to humanize your brand and connect you directly with your target audiences. It can also engage with your customers and has several advantages for a brand. 

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

The best SMM strategy service agencies aim for the following benefits: 


Image: 12 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Improve Brand Awareness 

Social media marketing can humanize your brand and let you build trust with your target audience. You can showcase the people behind the brand and promote your brand’s values and philosophy to help the audience relate to your brand. 

Studies have found that matching brand values are increasingly important for modern consumers.  

Capture Consumer Voice 

Social media provides you with a platform for your audience and consumers to share feedback, experiences, and testimonials. Capturing the consumer's voice can be an uphill task without social media. 

Social media comments can provide brands access to authentic consumer voices. 


Global e-commerce loses about $18 billion in revenue every year due to cart abandonment. You can use social media marketing to retarget shopping cart absentees. Retargeting ads can bring more than a quarter of these customers back to complete the order. 

Also, platforms like Facebook offer Dynamic Product Ads to show customers the products they left in the cart in your store. 

Engage Target Audience 

Social media is one place where your audience directly engages with your brand personality. Troll your competitors, collaborate, post your content, or come up with strategies to get your followers to post on your wall. Social media can be a happening place.  

Also, you can check what people are saying about your brand on social media and even chat with them. 

Boost Traffic 

You can post and promote content on your social media channels, redirecting the followers to your blog post or website. Also, more social media pages help you occupy more space on search engine results. 

More space on SERP means your brand will be visible to more people and funnel more traffic. 

Improve Conversion Rate 

Social media marketing of your brand can boost your reputation and build trust among your audience, improving conversion rates. Repeated research has found that social media ads catch the attention and eye of the audience better than other ad channels. 

The average user spends almost 2.5 hours on social media, most of which is free of distractions. 

Thought Leadership 

Social media is one of the best places to share your brand’s opinions on relevant issues. In the face of media facing polarisation and credibility issues, social media users increasingly look to brands for authenticity. 

While brand activism has risen, leading your field's opinion is even more important. Different countries may have different takes on brand activism and societal engagement as per the 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer Global Report

Knowing who your audience is is a great pointer to being able to effectively run a marketing campaign when your goal is to disrupt and make an impact! 

Know Your Customer 

Profiling the people who respond, engage, and promote your brand posts on social media can help you accurately define your target audience. The comments and feedback you receive from your brand followers can help you identify customer pain points and interest areas. 

Start social listening and analyze the collected data regularly to improve your offerings, communications, and media strategy. 

Content Marketing 

Social media platforms work like a bustling marketplace. Partnering with content providers, influencers, and thought leaders on social media can instantly grow your reach. Also, content marketing activities on social media are more impactful than other digital channels. 

Global Reach 

Social media is one of the only platforms to provide you access to a global audience with the possibility of two-way communication. Platforms like Facebook and YouTube have billions of users from almost all major economies. 

Improve Customer Service  

Social media integration has been a great addon to small businesses for customer service. Also, social media customer service surveys indicate that most users expect brands to respond to their social media queries. 

Thus, integrating and promoting customer service on social media becomes a hygiene for medium and large businesses. 

SERP Presence 

Your social media activity improves your SERP presence, especially if you do not restrict your social content visibility. A bigger SERP footprint boosts your chances of attracting visitors and conversions. 

Easy for Local Business Reach

The latest data from Smart Insights indicates a 30% YoY Growth for local business searches. This growth emphasizes the need for businesses to make their local counterparts available on social channels. 

How Does Social Media Marketing Work?  

Social Media Marketing 

(from 0 to 100 with MadHawks) 

Detailed Audience Profile 

Define Brand Personality 

Map Social Media Goals 

Chalk out the Content Strategy 

Optimize Profile 

Post Regularly 

Engage with Social Users 

Use Paid Media & Ads 

Measure & Review 


MadHawks follows the nine-point social media strategy to provide a holistic social media marketing service. 

Social Media Marketing is all about turning your brand into the personality your consumers can relate with, befriend, and approach. Social media presence should follow a 9-point approach to produce the desired result for a brand.

Different Social Media Platforms  

There are various popular social media platforms that businesses use for their marketing. To understand which platforms are relevant to your business, you need to go through some statistics and general information about all of them. The following are some Social Media platforms that are used the most worldwide: 

  1. Facebook 

Facebook has the highest user base out of all the platforms. As of January 2023, there are over 2.9 billion monthly active users on Facebook. It is the most effective platform for creating brand awareness and advertising for B2C industries. 

  1. YouTube 

As of January 2023, the total number of YouTube users globally is about to reach 2.6 billion. YouTube has the largest audience in India at 467 million. People generally refer to YouTube videos for ‘How to’ and detailed explanations. 

  1. Instagram 

Instagram has a user base of around 1.3 billion users which are millennials. So, Instagram is the best platform for promoting businesses that target youngsters. 

  1. WhatsApp 

WhatsApp has captured the largest market share of P2P chat in India and many other emerging markets. WhatsApp Business is fast growing as a go-to chatbot solution for small and medium businesses. 

  1. Twitter 

The number of monthly active users on Twitter is 450 million, which is expected to hit 650 billion in the next five years. Most of the users of Twitter are well-educated and wealthy. It is a great platform for educational content, news, discussions, debates, etc. 

  1. LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals and is best for long-form content related to core values, career growth, etc. The number of monthly active users of LinkedIn has reached 740 million as of January 2023. 

  1. Pinterest 

Pinterest has a monthly user base of over 450 million people. Pinterest is a great place for image and video sharing. People refer to Pinterest for fashion, style, or home decor inspirations, recipes, etc. 

8. Snapchat

Since this platform is all about at the moment, it has taken off with the Gen Z audience. This platform has been able to use its limited story time feature to position or place the brands that are being promoted as a part of the individuals life, thus making the brand an aspiration of the lifestyle. There are over 363 million global users. In 2023, everything is moving towards the digital sphere, and it is in the digital sphere that people are finding trust and credibility. Thus if you want to grab eyeballs, you need to be able to convince them digitally, and the best way to do that is through social media marketing.

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