Clickbaiting is oh so 2017! 2022 is all about being your most authentic and true self. It is time for you to forget clickbaiting with your headlines, and in fact offer value with what your blog has to offer. Coming out of the pandemic, people have been keen on moving and being influenced by anything that feels organic, organic and raw. By raw we mean showcasing the good, bad, the ugly and the great. In doing so you will be able to retain your readers as once they trust you they tend to become your loyal reader base. 

If you choose to write a blog about how to get started and you are drawing from personal experiences, ensure that while you do so, you also include the ton of instances where you have had a writer’s block, instances where you have thought of quitting or the breaks you may have taken. In doing so you will be able to form a relatable quotient with your readers and while that can earn you a few brownie points it can also help your work be like a digital journal for you. 

This digital journal is the writing style that seems to be trending this year, Vivid descriptions and clear content is the move for 2022. This type of content can make an impact and when it does do that it also helps to break the fourth wall.Clickbaiting as a form of content over the years has cooked up a bad reputation and it has been perceived as sensationalist. It has also been likened to fake news that has garnered a bad reputation for itself and thus it has been rejected by many users on the Internet.Now over time if you have been likened to constant clickbaiting, doing so can damage your brand image. Thus this will also go on to affect the quality of visitors who may come to read our blog and this in turn will not be appropriate. THe types of visitors that you may have, may come to your site out of curiosity, or because of a forward or a share, however, this content that they will be presented with may not be of interest to them, thus it is not reaching the right eyeballs.

What you should do

1.Write about yourself 

You yourself are forever going to be the best source of inspiration for your work. Thus you will be the best person to talk about your own experiences. Talking about yourself is the best ice breaker and do not feel like you need to leave out the mundane details, sometimes it is these details that have the most impact.

2. Explain and not preach

When writing a blog there is a very fine line that has to be walked. It is the line between to explain and to preach. Preaching is only going to bore your audience but explaining what you have learnt, explaining the new trends and what they can do differently is a great way for you to be able to grow your following. 

3. Talk to your audience

Ask your audience what they would like to read a blog about. Remember a blog is much longer than a 30-60 second reel and this would need the person to take out time from what they are doing and read your blog. Thus in order to not waste your time writing and their time reading, it is best for you to ask them what they would like to read a blog on. 

We hope this has helped you to decide how to write your blog and what not to use in your blog. A key point is do not even try to clickbait with your headline, that too could give you a bad reputation. 

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