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Optimize your website with effective ALT text - Boost accessibility, SEO, and user experience. Learn the importance of ALT attributes and best practices here.
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What is ALT text?

In HTML coding, ALT text, commonly referred to as alternative text, is a succinct explanation of an image. Because it increases accessibility for those with disabilities and aids search engines in understanding the context of the image, ALT text is crucial for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Why is ALT Text essential?

Because it enables screen readers and other assistive technology to describe images to visually impaired users, the inclusion of ALT text is essential for website accessibility. As a result, websites become more inclusive and easier for those who are blind or have impaired vision to read their content. Additionally, the alternate text aids in the indexing of photos by search engines, making them simpler for people to find when conducting image searches.

It is also crucial to include ALT text on websites because it speeds up load times. This is done so that the webpage may load more quickly by using ALT text, which helps search engines understand the information in the image. A website may experience an increase in traffic if its images rank higher on Google Images thanks to the inclusion of ALT text.

How to write ALT text?

Writing descriptive text that accurately portrays the image’s content is crucial for ALT text SEO optimization. This calls for the use of keywords that are pertinent to both the image and the content of the entire webpage. Additionally, the description must be succinct and to the point, with no more than 125 characters. Users and search engines can rapidly comprehend the context of the image thanks to this.

It’s crucial to utilise simple, understandable language when creating ALT text. Do not confuse readers with technical terminology or business jargon. Additionally, keep in mind that utilising too many keywords or repetitive material may result in a penalty from search engines.


Furthermore, ALT text is a crucial component of SEO that raises the accessibility, search engine optimization, and loading speed of websites. Webmasters can build a more accessible and user-friendly website while enhancing search engine visibility by incorporating succinct, descriptive language in ALT tags. When used correctly, ALT text can increase traffic, help websites rank higher, and make them more accessible.

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