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Crawl Budget

Understanding the roots of SEO may be challenging. It’s not just about on-page and off-page optimization, there are hundreds of terms you must be aware of. One of them is Crawl Budget.
crawl budget

The Crawl Budget refers to the number of pages that Googlebot can crawl through and index within a particular time period. If the number of pages on your website is too high compared to its crawl budget, many of your website pages will never be indexed, i.e. they will never appear in Google search results. However, that only happens in a few cases.

The crawl budget is never too low that you can’t add the most basic pages to your website. The problem only arrives when you have hundreds of pages to add under different categories or sections and your website’s crawl budget is lower than that. Therefore, most website owners do not need to worry about the crawl budget as it is not going to cause an issue. Google easily finds new web pages and indexes them fast.

The crawl budget is an important concept you must pay attention to. For example, e-commerce websites can have 10,000 or even more product pages and in such a case, you need to ensure that your crawl budget is high enough to get all these pages indexed. Similarly, if you have added multiple categories to your website and you want to add different pages under them, make sure that your site’s crawl budget allows it.

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