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Doorway Page

From Google’s point of view, doorway pages are just spam pages as these are not valuable for the users. However, some SEO professionals use them as their powerful SEO strategy. Let us understand this in further detail:
doorway page

Doorways pages are the pages that target a specific long-tail keyword that aims to send visitors to another primary page. In other words, you target a long-tail keyword to rank well on search engines. And when a user clicks on your good-ranked URL, you send them to other intermediary pages before they reach the final page, which is useful for them.

Google considers creating doorway pages an illicit practice as these pages are not relevant to the needs of searchers. Some fraudsters also create doorway pages to gather user’s personal information and can use their data for malicious purposes. This is why Google is constantly improving its terms to restrict doorway pages from ranking.

As no strict action was taken by Google against the doorway pages, some marketers are still using such pages to bring traffic to less relevant pages. However, it should be strictly avoided if you are trying to establish a website for the long term and build trust among the audience.

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