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Many people often confuse between impressions and clicks. While the number of clicks represents how many times your website links have been clicked on, impressions represent the number of views. Let us dive deeper into the concept of impressions.

In simple words, impressions represent the count of how many times someone saw a link to your website on Google. It can also be defined as the number of times your website page was displayed on Google search result pages. An impression doesn’t necessarily mean that the user clicked on or visited your page.

Sometimes the users haven’t even seen your website page when it registers an impression. It is because a page registers an impression when a user opens the Google search result page with your page URL. Even if the user didn’t scroll down to view your page URL, it will register an impression as the Google search result page was opened.

Even though impressions do not give a clear idea about whether a user actually viewed your website URL or not, it is considered important. It is because a website page should be visible in the Google search result pages in order to be viewed and clicked on.

Without ensuring the visibility of its URL, you can not ensure a good number of clicks and views on your pages. Therefore, it becomes quite important to aim for a good number of impressions. But make sure not just to focus on achieving more impressions, but on achieving more meaningful impressions. Meaningful impressions here refer to the views by users who actually find your page content informative and helpful.

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