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Lazy Loading

Discover the power of lazy loading! Optimize your website's speed and performance by implementing the smart technique of lazy loading.
lazy loading

Lazy loading is a technique used to increase website performance. This technique slows down the loading of non-critical resources such as images until the user scrolls to view them. This technique can speed up the loading of pages and save bandwidth.

Lazy loading has many benefits for website performance but it can also impact SEO. Search engines crawl websites looking for content relevant to their search queries. It is possible that the content may not be properly indexed if it is not available when the search engine crawls the website.

If lazy loading is done correctly, however, it can improve SEO. If lazy loading is implemented using a JavaScript library that supports the feature, search engines can crawl and index all content on a page regardless of whether it has loaded.

Lazy loading can also be a good thing for SEO. Users are more likely to visit a website that loads quickly and smoothly and will be more engaged with its content. This can result in increased site time, lower bounce rates and more social sharing, which can all signal to search engines that the site is valuable and relevant for users.

Important to remember that lazy loading should not be applied to all pages. It is best to not lazy load content that is above the fold. This can cause poor user experience and potentially negative SEO.

Lazy loading is a useful technique to improve website performance, user experience and SEO. If done correctly, lazy loading can ensure that search engines index all pages. It also provides a seamless user experience.

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