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Meta Keywords

how to leverage meta keywords to enhance your website's visibility and SEO performance. Dive into the world of metadata optimization and take your online presence to new heights.
meta keywords

Meta keywords are metadata that webmasters can add to their HTML code. These keywords are meant to give search engines information about a page’s content and to help them categorize it and rank it.

Meta keywords were important in the early days when search engine optimization was being developed. They played a major role in determining how a page ranked. Meta keywords are no longer as important in search engines. Many search engines, such as Google, have stated publicly that meta keywords are not a ranking factor.

Some website owners include meta keywords as a good practice or to maintain a tradition. Although meta keywords don’t hurt your page ranking, they also don’t offer any SEO benefits.

Meta keywords can have some downsides. In fact, using too many irrelevant keywords or ones that are repetitive can actually hurt your ranking because it makes the page look manipulative or spammy. In addition, if you include sensitive or confidential data in your meta keywords, it could be revealed to malicious actors or competitors.

Keep these tips in mind if you decide to use meta keywords for your web pages:

  • Include only keywords that relate to the content of the page.
  • Avoid repetition and don’t overfill your meta keywords.
  • If you decide to include meta keywords, consider whether the risks outweigh any potential benefits.

Meta keywords are no longer an important factor when determining the ranking of a web page. Instead, focus on creating relevant and high-quality content that adds value to users while incorporating targeted keywords.

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