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No Script Tags

Avoid using script tags in your website's code to improve its performance and security. Learn why script tags can be problematic and how to eliminate them.
no script tags

NoScript is an invaluable tool for any web developer, they provide content on pages that have JavaScript, Java flash or AJAX for users whose browser does not support dynamic content hosted by these forms. Websites also use text with NoScript tags to give a detailed description of the contents that are inside the non-HTML based program.

Using NoScript tags informs the users about the contents of the video and at the same time gives the information to search engines and offers a valuable opportunity to place relevant keywords in a prime search by the location.

However, search engines are getting better at crawling content within multimedia content, which raises the risk of them considering NoScript tags as being used as a new black hat SEO technique, with the same keywords (or even the same content) being used in both the multimedia and NoScript elements of a page. This could lead to your site incurring severe penalties and considerable drops in rankings; indeed, one Google employee has recommended only making use of a NoScript tag if it does not contain “important content”.

Remember to not use NoScript tags to display messages like “JavaScript needs to be enabled in your browser” on every web page of your website which uses the programming language. This will lead to the search engines being confused about the contents of your page. It’s important to use unique content on every page so that you do not run the risk of being penalised for using duplicate content.