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Structured Data

The world of data is vast and we can’t explain it all in one article. For now, let us understand what structured data is and why it matters in SEO.
structured data

Structured Data refers to the information that is in organized form. Simply put, structured data is organized information that is easy to understand. From the SEO point of view, structured data can be defined as the standard format used to provide information about a particular webpage. 

Google’s algorithms work hard to understand the content of your website pages, but structured data eases out the task for them. The more structured data you add to your pages, the easier it is for Google to understand what your page is all about. By adding structured data to your content pages, you can enable these pages to rank on more engaging search results, which are also called rich results. These results drive higher engagement and encourage customers to interact more with your web pages.

Structured data is also a markup language like HTML. It communicates data or information with search engines in an organized manner, so that these search engines can further display this information in a visually appealing manner. It is a form of metadata, which is not directly seen by the website visitors, but by the search engines only. When you add structured data, Google does not need to use complex algorithms to understand what your web page content is talking about. 

For example, when you label an image as a product image, Google will not have to use any specific algorithm to understand that it is a product image. On the other hand, when you just add the image without labeling it, Google’s algorithms will have to work hard to understand its context. This is how structured data can make things easier for search engines and help your web pages rank higher.

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