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Additional Advertiser Info On Facebook

Posted By Gaurav | 30-Nov--0001 | SMM
Looking for additional information on advertising on Facebook? This post has all the details you need to know about advertising on the popular social media platform.

Running an ad or a campaign on Facebook has become so simple and easy nowadays. You just have to choose the objective, location, budget, and format with a few simple clicks and your posts get boosted. Facebook has been trying to have additional ad-context elements since 2016, after revelations that Russian-based groups influenced US voters through several targeted ad campaigns.

After that issue, Facebook imposed strict regulations on running political and sensational ads. On the right bottom of these political ads, users can easily tap to know more about those ads, the advertiser funding for that particular ad, etc. 


Apart from knowing the advertiser of sensational and political ads, Facebook has enabled users to know the reason behind a particular ad showing up on their news feed. Tap on the three dots placed at the right top and click “Why Am I Seeing This Ad?” to know what made the ad appear on your news feed particularly

It provides all information regarding the target audience of the advertiser, age group targeted, means they have used to obtain the data of the targeted audience, geographic location the advertiser has targeted for that particular ad. In addition, to improve the loyalty of the users, Facebook has now allowed the advertisers to provide additional information about the business in the ad display.

Facebook is now testing a new way to provide more context on their paid promotions. It allows the PPC services company to add extra information about their brand and business below the ad image display. They can add business location, user check-ins, and number of followers below the ad visual.

The information scrolls horizontally for the users when they see that particular ad. One can buy fake followers but it is tough to manipulate physical business check-ins with the business location mentioned. Adding business location has been made compulsory for advertisers in certain categories enabling them to highlight misleading ads directly in the stream

It is an excellent experiment because it enables the users to have transparency about the advertisers before actually clicking on the advertisement. On the other hand, it will also impact small businesses with lesser followings. People may not click through the ads if there are fewer followers and hence the return on the amount spent on an ad will not be as high as expected. Let us wait and see the impact of this new update released from Facebook. 

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