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Witness An Exponential Growth With Facebook

To succeed in business, you must understand how Facebook features boost your business's exponential growth. Learn about it here!
witness an exponential growth with facebook

Facebook, one of the most used social media platforms has come up with a list of new tools and still working on some to support small businesses and enterprises. Some of these tools are paid while some of them are free that can help business owners in a long way. All the new updates from Facebook have been launched with the main focus to improve the lead generation activity and enjoy seamless communication with their preferred application. Stay tuned to get yourself updated about the upcoming releases from Facebook. Gain knowledge and plan how these updates will help you in the development of your business. 

Ads to message:

We already have an option to run ads that allow the viewers to send a direct message to the business profiles easily. Specifically, for ads posted for recruitment or on-boarding of clients and influencer marketing companies, brands and businesses add a call to action (CTA) button saying ‘Send Message’. By clicking that, users can enquire about the details of the job or product directly from the business managers. The biggest advantage of this tool is that brands may not be active via direct messages with certain platforms. For example, a particular brand may use Facebook to run effective campaigns and ads but will answer all the queries over WhatsApp. At that time, people who message them on Messenger will not get a reply and the objective gets unsatisfied. So, now businesses have the flexibility to select the platform to message them. They can either choose Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp whichever they are active and comfortable with. Thus, the ads are run efficiently and all the queries and clarifications are answered seamlessly. 

Instagram to WhatsApp:

Some small businesses cannot afford to build a website and optimize without any errors and mishaps. At that time, they use Instagram as their website or platform to display all their products or services just like a storefront and take orders via WhatsApp. They mention in their bio, caption, and anywhere possible asking the viewers to send a direct message or chat over a particular number. This becomes tiring for some users as they have to save their number each time and then text them via WhatsApp. To solve this problem, Facebook allows its users to integrate WhatsApp click-to-chat button on their Instagram Profile. Soon, the option to chat via WhatsApp by clicking on Instagram ads will be made available to the users. This reduces the work of customers and helps small businesses to get messages on one particular platform. 


Request Quotation On Messenger:

There are so many freelancers, event management companies, photographers, etc. providing their end-to-end services in different industries. Every service comes with the customization and there cannot be one single price for all their services. At that time, the business owners cannot include their prices while they run ads. To put an end to this problem, prospective customers can request quotations from business owners by answering a small questionnaire. The message will reach the business owners via Messenger directly and service providers can send their quotations based on the answers given by the customers. This will be helpful to acquire new customers for small businesses. 


Apart from the above-mentioned updates, there are various features that Facebook is still testing to support small businesses. Facebook is testing to facilitate the Business Suite users to manage emails and remarketing emails right from their inbox itself. They are trying to introduce File Manager, which allows businesses to create, manage, and post content within the Facebook Business Suite itself. Make use of all these new add-ons and features and grow your business multifold. 

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