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Affiliate Marketing: A Guide for you to Follow

Affiliate marketing is one of the most talked about topics in the market at this point . Here are a few more details to give you a clear understanding.
affiliate marketing a guide for you to follow

A lot of people these days are talking about making a passive income using affiliate marketing. You can find a lot of videos and affiliate marketing blogs that help you learn affiliate marketing. But the only problem is that they are not clear enough to make you understand the concept. 

Here in this blog, we are going to give you a detailed understanding of affiliate marketing for beginners and how you can do online affiliate marketing. Let’s dive into the details. 

Defining Affiliate Marketing

In simple words, affiliate marketing is promoting other brand’s products and services and earning a small amount of commission on every purchase made via your affiliate link. These commissions are usually a fixed amount based on the selling price of the products. 

In several instances, you might have seen posts marked as ‘affiliate post’ or ‘sponsored post’. These are indeed examples of online affiliate marketing. To begin with the affiliate marketing business, register yourself on an affiliate marketing program as per your preference. Once you are accepted, start making the content and add affiliate links to the products or videos and start earning. 

Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Having discussed the basics of affiliate marketing, let’s have a look at a few benefits of affiliate marketing that you can reap. 

  • Low risk

Starting a new business is always risky. You take high risks in terms of monetary, and other resources. However, this is not the case with affiliate marketing business. Here the risk on investment and other resources is very low which makes it one of the most suitable choices of business.  

  • Low cost 

With affiliate marketing business, the initial investment cost is extremely low which makes it a way more reliable and affordable source of income. Additionally, here you are only investing time and a small amount of money to get your website started. You are not investing money in equipment or other employees or making any other heavy investments. 

  • Scalability 

With online affiliate marketing business, it is easy to scale your business as you can sponsor or sell products from different brands at one time and earn commission from each one of them. 

This helps you to scale your affiliate marketing business easily with less investment, and risk. Furthermore, this allows you to build a passive source of income that you can do from anyplace and anytime. 

Affiliate Marketing Websites

There are various websites and platforms available that can help you get started with affiliate marketing programs. Some of the most commonly used websites for online affiliate marketing business are listed below.

  • Refersion 

Refersion is one of the trending affiliate marketing websites that is designed in a way that allows businesses and enterprises to generate passive income via affiliate, influencer and ambassador marketing. It creates a simple affiliate marketing process by automating the workflow, adding data analytics and also offers different digital tools. 

Additionally, it offers you a personalized affiliate marketing platform where you can keep a track of all your progress via the dashboard. Here you can track your payouts, monitor commissions, and other affiliate processing. 

  • Tapfiliate 

Tapfiliate is an all-in-one affiliate marketing platform that allows businesses to recruit affiliates irrespective of business size. It further allows you to track the progress and gain deeper insights to boost the sales. 

It offers you flexibility and scalability depending on your business and allows you to integrate this on over 30 e-commerce platforms and websites for better results and sales. 

  • Everflow

It allows you to manage all your partnerships along with all your clients in one single platform. It allows you to streamline your partnership management leveraging some automated tools and other integrations. Furthermore, it offers global payments, event tracking, conversion monitoring, and cart setup as well. 

It leverages data analytics and provides you with deeper insights, offering detailed reports as well.

  • TUNE

This is a customizable interface that allows you to customize your affiliate marketing program exactly how you want it to be. Furthermore, you can develop your suite leveraging the advanced automation tools available in the platform. This enables a smooth onboarding process, easy payouts, real-time reporting, and other detailed insights.

  • Rewardful

With Rewardful, it enables you to unlock new channels that can be leveraged for growing your business further and build strong affiliate programs, and referral programs. 

This is easy to set up and can be integrated with Stripe for faster payment processing. Additionally, you can create multiple partnership programs within one account and have revenue generated from different channels. Also, you can customize the programs to achieve a single goal. 

  • LeadDyno

It is one of the leading affiliate marketing platforms available in the industry and leverages the leading technologies to offer best features. It is easy to use and needs a click or two to set up the entire process including payment processing, and management system on the e-commerce platform. This doesn’t require you to have technical knowledge. Its advanced tools allow you to customize your online affiliate marketing program and allow you to leverage detailed data-driven insights as well.

There is a long list of websites that can help you get started with your affiliate marketing for beginners. Additionally, there are certain websites and online tools that can help you learn affiliate marketing simply and more easily. 

Moving on, let’s have a look at some of the most popular affiliate marketing examples. 

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

As we all know Amazon is one of the leading e-commerce websites available globally. With Amazon, you can start your affiliate marketing journey. Here is what you need to know about it. 

The Amazon affiliate marketing program is also referred to as Amazon Associates which is a free available program for website owners and bloggers to become an Amazon Associate. Here you can market and advertise various products available from Amazon and create links for the website. 

Once a customer clicks on the link to buy the product, these Amazon Associates will earn referral fees or commission on every purchase. Additionally, there is no fee or charges included in this Amazon affiliate program. 

For a better understanding here is a step-by-step process of Amazon affiliate marketing. 

  • Create an Amazon Affiliate account on the website. 

  • Unique Id is provided to each associate. 

  • The application goes for approval. 

  • Once approved, associates can create affiliate links on the Amazon portal.

  • Integration of links in posts, and affiliate marketing blog for better reach. 

  • Buyer clicks the link and makes the purchase.

  • Commission is credited to the associate's account.

Another most commonly used affiliate marketing website is Flipkart. Here are some of the details that you should know before getting started with affiliate marketing business. 

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

Another leading e-commerce website Flipkart is also running its own online affiliate marketing that allows you to start your affiliate marketing business. Additionally, Flipkart affiliate marketing is free of cost and does not require any registration fee to be deposited.   If you wish to become a part of the flipkart affiliate marketing program here is a step by step guide for you to follow. 

  • Create an affiliate account with Flipkart 

  • Select your niche which you want to promote 

  • Generate affiliate link of different products

  • Generate content- blogs or post integrated with links

  • Promote the content (blogs/posts)

Once you are done with the following steps, you are ready to start earning with your online affiliate marketing. 

Additionally, there are various other online affiliate marketing platforms available that can help you start your affiliate marketing business. 

Tips for Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

Here are some tips for you to follow that can help you have a successful online affiliate marketing business seamlessly. 

  • Understand your audience needs and preferences in terms of what kind of content they consume more. 

  • Build a rapport with your audience to make your content more impactful.

  • Try to create unique content and not repeat what everyone else is already doing. 

  • Add your personal touch and personality to your content to make it interesting.

  • Offer your audience with a wide range of content to get their attention. 

  • Allow your audience to engage with your content and become a part of your content. 

  • Offer honest reviews on different products and services that you have used or experienced.

  • Follow the latest trends and stay updated with the latest services going on. 

Concluding Thoughts on Affiliate Marketing 

As a trend in the last few years, affiliate marketing has been one of the biggest trends that can be observed. Different brands and platforms are offering affiliate marketing for beginners and affiliate marketing businesses to help people make a passive source of income. 

This is one way of generating income and also creating your online presence among the audience. If you are new to affiliate marketing, you don’t need to worry as there are various online platforms and affiliate marketing blogs that can help you understand affiliate marketing better. 

Another reason why affiliate marketing is gaining popularity is that it is a low-investment and low-risk process which does not even require you to be a full-time dedicated person. You can easily do this on the side and earn some passive income. 

MadHawks being a digital marketing agency has always been supportive of such new trends coming in the industry. Hence, we curated this blog for you to have a better understanding of affiliate marketing.

Also, if you have any further doubts or queries you can get in touch with our expert team.  


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an online platform or business that allows you to promote products and services by other brands, and get a commission when a buyer makes a purchase using your affiliate link. 

How to start affiliate marketing?

To start with affiliate marketing, you need to pick an affiliate marketing website and register yourself on the platform by creating an affiliate account. Next you need to start creating content for your niche and integrate links in your posts and blogs. Next, promote those blogs and posts. Once a buyer clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you get a certain amount of commission. 

How to make money with affiliate marketing?

To make money with affiliate marketing you need to create integrating and unique content that the user will engage with. Also, you need to add your affiliate link in these blogs and content which when clicked by the user and made a purchase will provide you a commission, and hence you can start earning. 

How to learn affiliate marketing?

To learn affiliate marketing, you can get help from various online tutorials or blogs. These will help you understand affiliate marketing for beginners and create an affiliate marketing business. 

How does affiliate marketing work?

For affiliate marketing to work, you need to have a website where you can post all your content and then an affiliate account via which you can earn. Next, you need to pick your niche and start making the content, integrated with the affiliate link. These contents are then required to be promoted for better reach. Once a user clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase, a fixed amount of commission will be credited to your affiliate account. 

Is Amazon's affiliate program free?

Yes, amazon’s affiliate program is free of cost. You are required to register yourself create an affiliate account there and start earning. 


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