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Amazon Ad Server Services to Stop by 2024

Posted By Gaurav | 16-Oct-2023 | PPC
Amazon stopped its ad-serving business from the year 2024. Read below to know the details why Amazon ad server is being discontinued after all.

In the past week, the leading multi-technology giant Amazon announced the discontinuation of its Amazon ad server. But why? Is it happening right away? Don’t panic, it’s not happening right now, you still have some time. 

An official spokesperson from Amazon in its official statement said that, “We are always evaluating the potential of our products and services to deliver value for customers, and we regularly make adjustments based on those assessments.”

Why, When, and How?

Decoding the news for you, Amazon ad-server business is getting discontinued from the year 2024, so you still have some time before this happens to switch your services to a different ad server. 

Not only is this delay for the business to switch their services to a different ad-serve but also for the employees who would be affected by this discontinuation, globally. This three months of time is taken for damage control in terms of affected businesses, and employees, as this time will allow them to find another substitute.  

This decision has been taken as the organization is continuing with its investment in developing other durable, reliable, and flexible ad tech solutions. This consists of a new SSP for publishers as well. 

What is Amazon ad server?

Amazon server or Amazon ad-server business is an optional service that is being used by advertisers for their business. It allows advertisers to manage and analyze their campaigns being run across different platforms. 

However, the decision of Amazon to stop the ad-serving business will not affect other Amazon advertising services such as Amazon DSP, Amazon Marketing Cloud, and Amazon Publisher Services. 

Furthermore, it has also been stated that Amazon will be supporting its Ad Server DCO features up till the 2024 fourth quarter. 

From our SEO experts 

Our SEO experts here at MadHawks feel that this three months of time given by Amazon server for businesses to switch to a different platform is a safe option as this won't affect the businesses in a negative way. 

If you wish to continue reading more such updates, keep reading our upcoming blogs. For SEO services, you can get in touch with our experts today. 


1. How do I stop getting Amazon ads?

Ans - If you wish to stop getting Amazon ads, you need to unsubscribe from the personalized ad services from the browser of your phone or laptop, or any other device.

2. What does the ad server do?

Ans - An Ad server allows an advertiser or publisher to manage, publish, optimize, and distribute their ads across various channels.

3. Does Amazon have an ad network?

Ans - Yes, Amazon has an Amazon Ad Partner Network that enables advertisers to leverage Amazon ad services.

4. Where do Amazon ads run?

Ans - Amazon ads are visible on prominent positions such as homepage, and product page with different placements.

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