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Explore 14 E-Commerce Ad Campaigns for Enhanced Marketing Strategies

Are you looking to integrate e-commerce advertising in your marketing strategy but are confused how to do it? We’ve got you covered. Read below to get all the details you need to know.
explore 14 e commerce ad campaigns for enhanced marketing strategies

The market is becoming increasingly vast every single day, and reducing the attention span of the users and customers. This results in cutthroat competition among all the brands to fight for the user's attention. One of the ways to get a head start in this is by investing in e-commerce ads. 

Before we delve into the different e-commerce advertising strategies that you can implement or leverage, let’s have a basic understanding of what e-commerce ads are. 

Defining E-commerce Advertising 

E-commerce Ads or e-commerce advertising is a marketing strategy implemented by any brand to promote their services and products on an e-commerce platform. This allows the brand to offer its products and services conveniently to the users via the platform. 

For a digital marketer, there are various platforms available to leverage for e-commerce ads. You can also leverage different social media platforms for the same such as Facebook, Instagram, and even Google ads. 

Before we get into the details of it all, here are a few basic points that you need to consider while implementing advertising in e-commerce platforms. 

  • Understand the audience's mindset and preferences 

  • Figure out the target audience and the demographics of the audience 

  • Do a competitor analysis and understand their USPs 

  • Figure out the inventory and stock management aspect 

  • Analyze the products and services that you wish to focus on 

  • Look for the customer relationship management aspect as well 

  • Work on the customer experience that you are offering 

Online Advertising Examples

Google Ads

Here are some of the most common commercial advertisement examples that you can integrate into your business plan. 

1. Google Display Ads 

Google display ads

image credit - times of india 

As the name suggests, these ads are run on Google with a display image to depict either the product or service along with a clear message from the brand for the customers. These ads don’t appear in the SERPs, instead are visible in the GDN (Google Display Network). 

2. Google Text Ads

Google text ads are used for promoting the web pages and landing pages by marketers by leveraging target keywords. You can easily identify a Google Text Ad from a regular blog result in the search results that a small “Ad” icon will appear after the SEO title text. 

3. Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping ads

These are usually visible on the top of the search results when a user enters a relatable search query. These are available in a good visual format and look appealing to the user to click on. 

Google shopping ads receive better results in terms of clicks and conversion rates, as the users searching for these products are highly targeted and are more likely to make the purchase. 

4. Gmail Ads

Gmail ads

Gmail Ads are designed in such a way that they are engaging and interactive for the user to read. These are a bit personalized as per the user’s interests and preferences based on the data collected. These are visible in the Promotions or Social tabs in your Gmail account. 

5. YouTube Ads

Youtube ads

YouTube ads are although a part of Google ads only but this format of e-commerce advertising is more video-based. These video ads are showcased before any YouTube video and in between as well.These ads are designed in an engaging manner to capture the users attention and push them to engage with the ads. 

Meta Ads 

6. Facebook Picture Ads

Facebook picture ads

Another platform to be used is Facebook or Meta. Here you can leverage picture ads. These ads should have a good-quality image and a crisp to-the-point message. These are required to have a compelling CTA for the user to engage and stand out among the rest of the ads available on the platform. 

7. Facebook Carousel Ads

Facebook carousel ads

Carousel ads usually consist of more than one image or slide. Here the user can scroll or swipe through different images carrying different messages. These are most suitable for webinars, blogs, e-books and other online campaigns. 

8. Facebook Video Ads

Facebook video ads

In video ads, an engaging video is designed and created to connect with the user and provide them all the information about the brand and the offerings in a compelling, engaging manner. 

Additionally, integrating a video in e-commerce ads offers better results as compared to the static, and display ads.  

9. Facebook Collection Ads

Meta collection ads

Collection ads tend to offer better results as it shows a collection of products along with the product searched by the user. Here the user is shown a collection of 4-5 products together to ensure better results. 

Furthermore, these consist of a compelling CTA to ensure the user is interacting with the e-commerce ads and making a purchase. 

10. Facebook Instant Experience Ads

Why Is It So Hard to Produce a Good Facebook Ad Creative?

It offers an enhanced interactive experience for the user which ensures that the user will engage with the ads. Another aspect is that it offers personalized content to the user which further contributes to the enhanced experience of the user.  

11. Instagram Explore Ads

Instagram explore ads

The Explore page available on Instagram provides the user with different targeted e-commerce advertising. It further allows the brands to directly connect with the users via the explore section. 

It also provides the brand with good CTR (click-through rate) and allows them to focus better on the user experience. 

12. IGTV Ads

IGTV ads

Another successful online advertising example is IGTV ads. This is one of the best e-commerce and commercial advertisement examples of video ads being incorporated. These ads can range from 60 seconds to 15 minutes which allows the brand to clearly communicate its message with the audience and create a bond with them. 

13. Instagram Shopping Ads

Instagram shopping ads

These ads usually come with a strong CTA such as Shop Now or Buy Now to show the urgency or create a sense of urgency in the user’s mind. The catch here is to add different offers that would further drive the users to make the purchase. 

14. Instagram Story Ads

Instagram story ads

These e-commerce ads are similar to that of Facebook ads and work similarly. As per certain reports, these e-commerce ads perform better than any other format of ads. 

Putting an End To It

Now that we have discussed the basics and different types of e-commerce ads available in the industry for you to integrate into your marketing strategy. However, another important aspect to be considered here is that you need a perfect partner to integrate, monitor, and optimize these ads over time. 

MadHawks is your perfect partner for integrating e-commerce ads into your marketing strategy. With our highly experienced and skilled team, we ensure that you get better results and good conversion rates. 

For more information get in touch with our experts today!


What is an advertising strategy in e-commerce?

Advertising strategy in e-commerce is to identify which format of ads works best for your target audience and as per your brand, products & services. All these factors combined together devise a final advertising strategy in e-commerce. 

What is the best ad platform for eCommerce?

Google is one of the most common ecommerce platforms to be integrated in your marketing strategy. Furthermore, the platform that works best for your brand can further depend on your preferences. 

Is Google Ads good for ecommerce?

Yes, Google is good for e-commerce advertising as it allows you to explore different ad formats and choose the one that’s more suitable for your brand. 

Are Amazon ads better than Google Ads for e-commerce?

This depends on your outcome and goals of the e-commerce ads, Amazon offers product-based e-commerce advertising whereas Google ads are used to website traffic, visibility and other factors. 


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