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Get More Followers For Your Pins

Looking to increase your Pinterest followers? This guide has all the tips and tricks you need to grow your audience and get more engagement on your pins.
get more followers for your pins

Pinterest, which is one of the most under-rated platforms but is a true gold mine for creative ideas and content idea generation. As of January 2021, Pinterest ranks as the 14th largest platform in the world in terms of active users. It has more than 459 million active users per month meaning that it has more active users than Twitter and Snapchat combined. A quick fact about Pinterest is that more than 60% of its users are women allowing fashion and makeup brands to use Pinterest for their marketing activities.

They can add videos, images, creatives, updates to build loyalty with their target audience. The main objective of Pinterest is to get ideas like social media marketing, hacks to grow your followers, food recipes, and more. So, most of the creators, influencers, and educators use Pinterest to get more ideas to post on their social media platforms to inspire their followers. Being one of the greatest influencing platforms, Pinterest is now testing a new feature to increase followers to their pins. Keep reading to get more audience to your brand which is not possible on any other platform. 


What is an Idea Pin?

An idea pin is a swipeable pin with 20 different pages enabling the user to get all the information needed without visiting the website or any outbound links from the pins. One can recognize the idea pins with a carousel-like icon on the left top corner of the pins. 

One can add videos, images, text, shoppable links to their idea pins. Viewers can add reactions and comments to the creator’s idea pins but cannot save individual pages within the idea pins. However, it allows the viewers to save the entire idea pin to their boards. Pinterest is now testing to promote such idea pins uniquely. Continue reading to know the new update it has launched. 

The recent new update!

As we have seen earlier, Pinterest is mostly used by creators, brands, and influencers while the prospective buyers of the product chill out on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. So, to get more visibility to their pins and increase the reach for their content, Pinterest is testing a new option that will enable the users to share their pins directly to Instagram and Facebook Stories. Earlier, people were able to share the pins directly to WhatsApp personal messages or groups and Facebook feeds. If they want to share it over stories or WhatsApp status, users had to download their pins and then go ahead as per their preferences. Now, with this new update, users can easily re-share their pins with the ‘Send’ option available below the pins.

This enables the creators to reach a bigger audience because Instagram and Facebook have considerably a higher number of active users. Inspire more people with the new updates released by Pinterest and get more business for your ideas.