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Google Integrates Vehicle Listing Structured Data for Car Dealership

Google introduced a vehicle listing structured data feature. Have a thorough look at the features and SEO services of this update to make your listing rank higher on the page.
google integrates vehicle listing structured data for car dealership

Are you running a car dealership in the US and trying to add new car listings? Google has released its ‘vehicle listing structured data’ which allows you to add your new car listings to the already existing data on Google. 

But why? Yes, we asked the same question.

What is the need of this update? 

Apparently, Google said that with this update it becomes easier for the dealers to update their new car listings on Google which provides better visibility in the search results and ultimately more benefit to your business. 

Furthermore, Google has also said that the conventional way of listing vehicles via the vehicle listing partner portal is still functional but with new car listing structured date it helps to update the data more efficiently.  

What else Google said?

While using vehicle listing markup is a relatively easy way to maintain structured data for car dealerships, however, it becomes difficult for Google to keep track of changes going on in the websites and since there is no one-on-one way to help the process. 

The detailed process is given below if you wish to add your vehicle listings on Google. 

  • First of all the dealership must have a verified Business Profile on Google in the given region (US and US territories).

  • This business profile should have the place type as a vehicle dealer

  • Include vehicles only from the sale inventory directly from the dealership. 

  • Any vehicles from private or individual sellers are not allowed. 

  • Include vehicles that are for sale only in US or US territories. 

The most important point to note here is that this feature is only available in US or US territories at this point. 

What does MadHawks have to say? 

Being a digital marketing agency, MadHawks keeps a close eye on any updates going on in the digital world that might be useful or beneficial to your business. If you have a car dealership in the US or US territories and you are looking to understand how this feature might benefit your business, you are at the right place. 

Get in touch with our expert team today for more information. 


What are Google vehicle listing ads?

Google vehicle listing ads are performance-based funnel ad that helps business owners or advertisers to promote their business and inventory of vehicles to customers who are looking for vehicles on Google. 

What is product structured data?

Product structured data is a form of information about the webpage to the search engine. 

What is the difference between Google listing and Google ads?

Google listing is a free tool that you can use to list your business or products on Google using the Business Profile. Whereas, Google ads are paid ads that one can use to advertise the products or business. 

 Is Google listing worth it?

Yes, google listing is worth it as it is a free tool and helps you list your business on Google which provides your business with more visibility in the search results. 

How do I get a high listing on Google?

To get a higher listing on Google, first, you need to create a Business Profile on Google and list your business there. Next, you need to optimize your listing by using keywords related to your business and optimize the SEO of your listing page.