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Google Stopped Showing Indented Results

Google search indented result is no longer functional, what are your views on it. Read below for more information.
google stopped showing indented results

On October 12, Google officially released a statement saying that a few weeks back they had stopped their Google Search Indented Results. But what does it mean for you? 

What are Google Search Indented Results? 

Previously with every Google search, there used to be certain related search results indented to the right to mark the difference from the original search results. This provided more visibility to similar search results from one particular link. 

Now that it has stopped these additional links that used to appear are no longer visible to the user. 

Danny Sullivan, the Google Search Liaison, stated that “We stopped doing “indented results” a few weeks ago.” Google stopped the intended results because “especially with continuous scroll, it wasn’t as helpful as in the past.” 

What remains the same?

Once Google remove indented results on the search page, it does not impact the visibility of the same domain result for a single query, the results would be there, they just won’t be indented anymore. 

Google further stated that, “diversity system still works to generally show only two results from the same site in the top results,”. 

What’s our take in this?

MadHawks being a digital marketing agency feels obliged to keep our readers informed about the recent updates happening in the digital world. However, with Google stopped indented results has zero impact on the rankings of the websites at this point. 

However, if you have a right partner that can help and guide you through such phases it is an added advantage. With MadHawks being your SEO services partner you don’t have to worry about such updates and changes affecting your rankings. 

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What are indented results in SEO?

Google indented search results are pages from the same domain that Google thinks are relevant to your query and hence were indented to the right. 

Why are some Google search results indented?

As per Google’s algorithm if there are any additional pages from the same domain that are similar to your search query, these were marked with right indent to separate these from the original search results. 

How does Google prioritize search results?

Google prioritizes search results based on the ranking it provides to pages based on search intent, relevancy, web page authority and content quality as well.