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Google Mobile-First Indexing Complete: Here All You Need to Know

Google’s Mobile First Indexing update is finally complete after almost seven years. Continue reading for all the important details you must know about this update.
google mobile first indexing complete here all you need to know

Google has finally completed the Mobile First Indexing update, which started around seven years ago. As a leading SEO agency, we consider it our duty to keep you informed about all the important Google updates and here we are with every detail you need to know about this update. 

This mobile first indexing update was first initiated in November 2016 when the mobile-friendly update was rolled out. It took around seven years to finish this mobile first indexing update and this is what the officials at Google have to say about this, “It’s been a long road, getting from there to here. We’re delighted to announce that the trek to Mobile First Indexing is now complete,” John Mueller from Google

What does this November mobile first indexing update mean?

Releasing this mobile first indexing for android will allow the mobile-friendly and mobile-versions of the site to be crawled. Google also said that it will turn off the indexing crawler information in the settings page in Search Console.

Furthermore, Google also added, “a very small set of sites which do not work on mobile devices at all.” Additionally added that there “are primarily that the page shows errors to all mobile users, that the mobile version of the site is blocked with robots.txt while the desktop version is allowed for crawling, or that all pages on the mobile site redirect to the homepage.”

Moreover, it was also said that there are certain issues that Google cannot workaround, but “continue to try to crawl these sites with our legacy desktop Googlebot crawler for the time being, and will re-evaluate the list a few times a year.”

On turning off the indexing crawler information in the settings page in Search console, Google clarified that, “information is no longer needed since all websites that work on mobile devices are now being primarily crawled with our mobile crawler.”

MadHawks’ Take on the Mobile First Indexing Complete

As a website owner, you must be aware of the latest Google updates that allow the websites to perform better. Here in this case, the mobile first indexing update 2023 is now finished after seven years. It will allow websites to have a better reach to the users via their mobiles. 

Furthermore, if you are looking for a detailed assistance through this November mobile first indexing update and you are trying to figure out a way to integrate this mobile first update for androids, get in touch with our expert team today. Being a leading SEO agency in Vancouver & India, we thrive to keep our readers aware and updated, Stay tuned! 


What is mobile-first indexing approach?

It will prefer mobile-friendly websites while indexing and crawling and offer them better ranking in the SERPs. 

When did Google start mobile-first indexing?

This was first started in the year 2015, with the launch of its Mobilegeddon update. 

How do I know if a website is mobile first indexing?

If your website is mobile first indexing, it will show up when you search for it in the search console in your mobile phone. 

Why is mobile SEO important?

Mobile SEO is important because it will help your mobile-friendly website to get better visibility and rankings in the search results. 

What is mobile first design?

Mobile-first design is to appreciate or reward the websites that are mobile friendly and offer them preference in indexing and crawling.