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Google Completes Rollout Of October 2023 Core Update

October 2023 Core update rollout complete by 19th October 2023. Let’s have a review of what has been the effects of this update.
google completes rollout of october 2023 core update

With Google’s October 2023 core update being released a lot of websites have been experiencing challenges with SEO service and fluctuations in their website rankings. Some got higher traffic and visibility whereas others experienced a dip in the same. 

Google has released the October 2023 core update complete and here are the major impacts of this update including the downgrading of low-quality websites while also promoting high-quality websites. This October core update focuses on the primary ranking system of Google’s search engine algorithm. 

The rollout was complete as of October 19, 2023.

— Google Search Central (@googlesearchc) October 19, 2023

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Additionally, the goal of this October core update is to promote reliable, good-quality websites with relatable content reduce the number of unreliable websites, and provide the user with a better search experience. 

Google finished the rollout of the October 2023 core update and the websites that were impacted as a part of the fluctuation, some of them are back to the original rankings, however, others are still affected by the update and have not recovered from it yet. 

Now that the third core update complete is and rolled out, now is the time to review the effects of this October 2023 core update. But before we do that Google released this update just a day before releasing the Google spam update. 

Here are the Google core update key points for consideration:

  • Fluctuations in SEO services, and website traffic 

  • Primary search algorithm targeted for better search performance

  • Rewarding high-quality sites 

  • Rewarding positive user experience 

Additionally, since the October 2023 core update rollout was complete, it overlapped with the Google spam update and had a significant effect on the rankings and traffic of the majority of websites. 

How can MadHawks help you?

If your business or website got affected by the October 2023 core update and you had no idea about these updates, we suggest you keep yourself updated with MadHwaks about these recent updates. 

For more such information about recent updates, you can check our blogs and keep a check on your website SEO. Further, you can also get in touch with us if you have any SEO service-related issues. 

Previous updates of Google

Earlier this year Google released several other updates along with various updates in the last few years. Here is a list of previous updates released by Google for your reference. 


Why does google launcehd october core update?

This October 2023 core update was released to enhance the search quality and provide the user with better search results. 

what are the impacts of Google October core update?

As an impact of Google's October core update, websites with low quality are demoted and high-quality websites are rewarded with better rankings, and search quality is improved. 

How do media mad-hawks look at Google algorithm updates?

Media MadHawks takes the Google algorithm update as an opportunity to update the website content and implement it in a positive way to ensure that there is no low-quality content on the website, hence enhancing the search engine ranking. 

Is this core update also related to spam update?

There is no significant connection between the two updates being released by Google other than that they were released just a day apart. Additionally, with both the updates Google search ranking is going to be affected. 

what are the Google guidelines for the October core update?

Google guidelines for the October core update are to ensure compliance with the updated terms and policies of Google in terms of content and quality of the website. If your website gets impacted negatively, you are advised to review your website content. 

How website owners prepare for core algorithm updates?

Owners should keep a check on the website content and review the content on a regular basis to ensure there is no spam, duplicate or low-quality content on the website. If your website gets affected even if you don’t have any of the low-quality content then that is just a temporary impact.