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Google Rolling Out the October 2023 Core Update

Talking about rapidly changing and evolving technology, the highlight of this week is Google October 2023 core update,every few months with these new core update things are getting better, less bugs,and better results So what’s new in this recent core update.
google rolling out the october 2023 core update

Won’t the world be a perfect place to live in if everything was just picture perfect. However, coming back to reality, it’s not picture perfect and things are evolving, technology updating, and people learning new skills. 

Talking about rapidly changing and evolving technology, the highlight of this week is the Google October 2023 core update. 

What? Another update! Yes, we had the same reaction, but isn’t it amazing that every few months with these new core update things are getting better, less bugs, and better results So what’s new in this recent core update? 

October Core Update 2023

To keep the record straight this is the third core update 2023, and previous ones were rolled out in the months of March and August 2023. With this new core update Google claims to update the search ranking systems of Google. 

Another thing to consider here is that this update is not completely rolled out yet and will take about two weeks to complete, hence, patience is the key. Moving on, if your website gets affected or you experience fluctuations in your search rankings don’t stress out. 

What to expect?

This October core update is expected to affect the website rankings and search engine results page (SERPs) visibility. However, it is important to keep a check on the after-effects of this update and thoroughly understand the process.

If you are concerned about your website and ranking getting affected during the process, you are advised by Google to keep a check and review your web content and improve the quality as required. 

Just yesterday Google introduced its October 2023 spam update, you can read more about this update in our previous blogs. 

Previous updates

From the very beginning of this year, Google has been rolling out updates one after another. Here are some of the important updates that you might want to have a look at:

MadHawk’s POV

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1. How often are Google Core updates?

Ans - On average Google released core updates every two or three months to resolve any persisting issues and update the processes.

2. What is the impact of the October 2023 core update?

Ans - The October 2023 core update was released by Google to enhance search quality reduce the occurrence of low-quality spam content and offer better search results to the user.

3. What is the helpful content update?

Ans - Helpful content updates put more emphasis on keeping your website visitors happy. The goal of this update is to reward websites that prioritize overall user experience. This means that websites that don't truly meet visitors' expectations are not as attractive as those that