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Google Confirm Search Indexing Issue Resolved

Google indexing issue affected the website on October 5th as their newly uploaded content was not getting indexed. However, Google resolved the indexing issue and things went back to normal. But what exactly happened? 
google search indexing issue resolved

Are you also worried about the new content that you published, as it’s facing a Google search index issue? Well, you might feel a bit relaxed to know that you are not alone, a lot of others had to face the same issue as well. 

It’s not you, it’s Google. Yes, you read it right, Google indexing issue was causing some fluctuations in getting new content indexed. It started from 1:30 PM ET, on October 5th, 2023, and continued till 7:20 PM ET. 

However, this Google indexing bug was resolved within six hours and Google released a statement clarifying that Google resolves indexing issues. Furthermore, in its official statement, Google said, “There’s an ongoing issue that’s delaying the indexing of newly published content. We’re working on identifying the root cause. You can monitor progress on the Google Search Status Dashboard.”



UPDATE: The issue appears to be resolved as of 23:29 PDT.: https://status.search.google.com/incidents/hJzAUmMsBkMsVpBBatXZ

Google Updates

Apart from this, earlier this month Google also released its October 2023 Core update, and the Spam update 2023 as well. Previous to that Google also released its August 2023 Core update, and September 2023 content update. 

MadHawk’s take on Google Indexing bug

Being a digital marketing agency it is our moral responsibility to keep our readers and clients updated about the latest updates and issues going on in the digital world. 

With the Google indexing bug, although it was resolved within a time frame of six hours by Google but it still affected you at a certain level. Hence, it becomes crucial for you to have the right partner along the way to keep you updated about these ongoing issues and help you sail through. 

For more information, read our previous blogs on October spam update 2023, and October core update 2023. You can also get in touch with our expert team for consultation as well. 


1. What causes indexing issues?

Ans - Duplicate content without proper canonical tag, broken links, failed redirect links, blocked page access, etc are the main causes of indexing

2How do I test Google indexing?

Ans - For this, go to Google and enter the address that you are trying to test, if the website opens that Google indexing is good for the website.

3How long does Google take to reindex?

Ans - There is no fixed amount of time for this. It can take from days to several weeks depending on several factors.

4Does Google automatically index pages?

Ans - For indexing, Google crawls through every page, but it is not necessary that all the crawled pages will be indexed, sometimes the pages are not indexed.