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How Voice Search is Changing the Game for Local SEO

Posted By Gaurav | 12-Jul-2022 | Search Engine Optimization
Explore Voice Search and Local SEO: Game-changers revealed!

In India voice search was introduced on May 20, 2020. It has been a huge industry disrupter. With its ease it has become a huge asset to those who know how to use it.It has helped boost business and get traction by enabling them to be seen where their audience would like to see them. 

According to some of the latest stats, it has been found that there are 574 million active mobile internet users. India as a country that has such a high internet user rate is a huge asset. Businesses who can use these individuals as a means to target their audience will be in a win-win situation. In addition to this information, targeting the over 500 million smartphone users in India, is like tapping into a huge database of individuals.Because of this rapid growth, there has been a 270 per cent overall increase in voice searches which have been noted in our country. 

A major factor for this is because a user can type close to 40 words, when they are looking for something. At the same time, this same individual can speak up to 150 words. Thus voice search will help that individual be more detailed and more descriptive with what they would like to find. 

What is voice search?

For those who do not know what voice search is, well, it is a key way for individuals to be able to search by visiting the voice command feature. It enables ease to look up what you want to find. Voice search has also been dubbed as voice-enabled search. This allows users to be able to use a voice command feature to help you to be able to search the Internet, a website, or any particular app for information that you are looking fo

How is it beneficial?

Ranking well in voice search is a great asset as it leads to favourable results. Because of voice search,  businesses can become more accessible and easy to find for prospective audiences which also helps to increase brand awareness. This increase in brand awareness can lead to increased traffic and sales. 

Local SEO is a search engine optimization strategy that helps businesses to become more visible in local search results on Google. With voice search it becomes much easier.This ease is also something that can help as you are able to make more people aware of business and it is also something that functions well with Local SEO searches.

How it works

Voice search for a business not only helps you to be able to improve your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs), but in addition to this, it is also a great way for you to be able to improve your user experience. This is if you catch onto the trend of voice search now. 

Google’s speech recognition already boasts a 95% accuracy rate. This is interesting data that will help to shape how the search is carried out. With today’s competitive market, Local SEO is the best way to be found, and this is an innovative way for you to be able to boost the benefits of voice recognition through enabling voice search which will let people looking for your business, or businesses in your niche find you.

Here are some steps that can help you.

  • Use conversational keywords.
  • Ensure to have a FAQ section. 
  • Multilingual is the way to go.
  • A Google Business Profile is a must.
  • Mobile-Friendly content is the need of the hour. 
  • Having domain authority is crucial.
  • Ensure that you are featured in Snippets.
  • Having a Schema Markup is a must.

Voice search affects digital marketing, and this can be seen in the way that people are now searching for information. Being able to do so in a way that users or prospective clients are now able to speak their requests. This could end up with a longer search query. It is now up to marketers to be able to optimize their content, and in doing so be able to rank well in voice search results.

Benefits of Local SEO 

More brands choose companies that provide local SEO services because Local SEO has a ton of positive benefits that are useful for a business. The main one is it helps to enhance organic traffic. It has been found out that local information is the subject of 46% of all Google searches.This is because when people want, they have a problem they want it solved as soon as possible. 

The benefits of Local SEO are as follows

1- Helps To Build a Community

Building a strong community is one of the biggest advantages of local businesses. The reason for this is because individuals love to support the local community by shopping locally. This kind of behavior was amplified post the pandemic, and it encourages local business owners which results in building the community.

2-  Mobile Optimization

Devices are in the hands of almost everyone. When they want to get an answer to something or they want something they turn to their phone. They will also make online purchases from their phone. Thus is should be optimized. 

3- Creating Long-Lasting Rankings

One of the main advantages of having SEO over old marketing is because it has a long-lasting effect compared to traditional marketing strategy. Through this  you will get the long lasting rankings.

4-  Gain More Local Reviews

87% of users read online reviews before purchasing through local businesses. Thus if your reviews are authentic and good, you will make sales. Google sees these reviews as a sign of good customer experience.

With ranking you want to ensure that what you have is long-lasting ranking, and this helps you to be able to bypass competition. Hence the goal is for you to gain more local review, and at the same time get links with neighboring businesses.

Local SEO when paired with Voice Search is very beneficial for the following reasons 


In today’s scenario, Google’s voice search is key. It has been running on a whole new engine. This engine enables it to be able to recognize and at the same time allow you to be able to anticipate words with a higher rate of accuracy. This, paired with the fact that you are able to more accurately recognize speech, and use it in all kinds of situations is very helpful. The new technology enables voice search to be used in situations where there is a lot of background noise too.

Local SEO Optimised

With the benefits of voice SEO taking over, it is the best way for you to be able to reach your target audience. Through modern means of optimization of keywords and keyword phrases, you are able to enable web searches that are facilitated by using voice assistants. SEO experts have said that voice SEO is required for almost all websites. This is a key token that allows you to be able to effectively show up and get the traction that you deserve.

For The Future

Voice search is a future-ready means of enabling your brand to be out there. 71 percent of consumers prefer to conduct queries by voice instead of typing primarily because it is much easier.

Can Help The Impaired

In addition to the above, voice search, or voice-enabled search is also used to help people with disabilities. This enables these individuals to command functions by just speaking it out. Voice-focused SEO requires you to do your research. This needs you to find your long-tail keywords. Over 70% of global searches are in fact, for long-tail keywords. Local SEO requires the localization of keywords, and you can do so by adding geographic indicators to them. And Voice search is only going to improve your accessibility! We have only just scratched the surface with the benefits of voice search and with added advancements and growth in technology it is only going to grow in the coming years. Also Read –

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