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Is Instagram Becoming Casual Again?

Instagram since it;s inception has and will always be a platform where individuals can share glimpses of their life to their audience.
is instagram becoming casual again

Instagram since it’s inception has and will always be a platform where individuals can share glimpses of their life to their audience. This helps greatly to help you not only stay connected but, over time it has turned into a super successful business model for many as a means of livelihood. In the process Instagram did lose its initial roots of being a casual platform for people to share unfiltered images from their daily life, but now it has turned into a means to display the highlight reel from individuals’ lives

This has made Instagram feel out of touch and super curated over casual. But now with photo dumps, and a casual day in my life kind of content it is moving away from highly saturated and overtly curated content. 

Following is the type of content that we feel works well on social media! 

1. Content that recounts a story

Instagram pages like Humans of Mumbai have detonated in prominence throughout the long term by recounting accounts of individuals from varying backgrounds. Their photos are super artistic or creative, yet the story that adjoins them is emotive, authentic, and persuading.

2. Memes

Memes work well on social media as they work as comic relief. On a dull boring day, a meme can be the ray of sunshine that has the power to bring a smile to someone’s face, and at the same time, a meme is a great way to break the barrier between an individual and the brand and make the communication seem easier. 

3. BTS 

Content that gives fans an insight  in the background experience that causes them to feel like they genuinely know you is ideal. You can communicate your or your brand’s singularity while effectively adding to the all-encompassing story.

A Step by step instructions 

You could have seen that Instagram is overburdened with instructional exercises on pretty much every theme. Any enlightening video will perform well in the event that it contains noteworthy stages. You can have a video showing clients how to cook a recipe, grow a plant utilizing things promptly accessible at home, or utilize another element of programming. These step by step videos are user friendly and also work as a way to show your audience how to use the product you are selling / promoting.


Motivational statements can rouse, challenge, or show a new light to your audience. For example, being happy on a typical topical post can put people in a good mood, for example, working out, sports preparation, quotes for a fitness page can help as motivation. Using words of affirmation can work as a part of your brand and in doing so you will be able to tell your story successfully. This Quote can also be the unique feature of your page where you reference, use tweets and comments from your page and feature the same as quotes. 

These are great tools that can be used for audience interaction and can go a very long way in ensuring that you are remembered, and in a world where Instagram is trying to be more real, you are not left out. 

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