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Posted By Gaurav | 30-Nov--0001 | SMM
Level Up Your Learning with LinkedIn. Unleash your full potential with LinkedIn's vast array of educational resources. Enhance your expertise, expand your horizons, and achieve your goals with us!

Finding jobs according to your skills is no longer the same way. Earlier, one has to blindly walk into the office’s reception, enquire for vacancies, have the patience to get an appointment, and then meet the HR, prove their skills, finally get selected. Another way to look for jobs is the newspaper ads where we keep hunting for vacancies at our location, go to the offices, and attend the interviews.

Today, the scenario has changed. There are various websites like Undazzle, Naukri, LinkedIn Learning, Angel jobs, etc. where we can apply for various jobs online with our resume. It will directly notify HR and if your profile matches, you will get a call asking you to attend the interview at their offices. With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the interviews are also shifted online. You can attend the interview right from your bed/any place you prefer.

Showcase your skills and get a job offer in hand. It has been simplified to a great extent now. When it comes to jobs, LinkedIn which is a Microsoft-owned social platform is highly preferred by job seekers. It has more than 740 million users from all over the world with HRs posting about vacancies, hiring, and requirements every day. Job seekers can easily apply for jobs with their updated resume and basic information which the application will direct you. If the requirements align with your skills, you will be either notified via mail or even receive a direct message over the same platform itself. 

Apart from simply posting the jobs and recruiting people, LinkedIn has been trying on various tools like Career Explorer which provides the potential career paths a user can choose based on their skills, making them aware of the current situation of the market. A year ago, LinkedIn launched Skill Assessments enabling the users to take tests on the platforms.

The grades scored on the assessment tests show the proficiency a person holds in that particular skill. At that time, LinkedIn announced that it will soon launch the new LinkedIn Learning Hub to enhance the guidance and learning capacity of users. The LinkedIn Learning Hub will be focused on the following three elements:

  • Personalized Content Recommendations: LinkedIn will push content based on the person’s LinkedIn profile, skills, and related job listings. They can identify the current trends, needed skills in the market and learn accordingly. 
  • Community-Based Learnings: Helps users to identify mentors and like-minded people depending upon their interests and skills. People can use this opportunity to increase their network connections and ultimately promote themselves. 
  • Skill Development: Based on the job listings and usage trends, LinkedIn promotes content and courses to the users to shine a light on emerging pathways and opportunities. 

Users can make the most of this opportunity by accessing the courses free of cost. Upskill yourself with learning modern skills like staff management, adapting to hybrid arrangements, etc. Initially, this learning hub is made available for free only to the LinkedIn Learning Pro users. Whereas with a good retention rate and success, LinkedIn will plan on the charges it should propose to the users to gain access over the hub. 

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