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Live Streaming and Podcast to take over 2022

According to research, live streaming and podcasting will dominate 2022. You'll find everything you need to know about live-streaming podcasts here.
live streaming and podcast to take over 2022

Podcast optimization is a crucial step in your process to being able to monetize the podcast that you are creating, and in doing so, you shall be able to make a pretty penny out of the process, thus being able to fund your lifestyle.

There have been multiple creators who have got their start on social networking platforms like Instagram or YouTube, Vine Snapchat or TikTok and were able to capitalize on their clot to build their brand.

Podcasting is a great way to break the walls down and make your audience feel as though they are having a conversation with a friend, thus helping them get engaged with what you have to say. As also, creating a podcast means that you are going to be able to promote or plug businesses, brands or services, for which you could charge these establishments. 

How to start a Podcast, well, if that is a question you find yourself asking yourself, well, then your search ends now!

We are going to help you understand how to start a podcast with a limited budget and limited resources. When starting out you do not need fancy gear or really expensive equipment, you can use the basics, and then as time passes you can upgrade and update your equipment.

For starters here are the things you will need to start a Podcast:

  • Microphone
  • A computer
  • Audio editing software
  • Portable XLR recorder
  • Audio interface

Follow these simple steps to help you understand how to be able to upload a podcast. 

  • SIGN UP.
  • Start by clicking on the new episode
  • Now either record on the go (or upload existing episode)
  • Save it the file
  • Add Title & Description to the podcast
  • Customize Further for an enhanced experience
  • Click on publish
  • Add your Podcast’s Title & Details
  • Find a place to host them
  • Now Distribute it on different platforms

Now that you have got your podcast ready, it is now time for the world to be able to hear what you have to say and to sit back and listen to you.

We have listed some of the best apps where you can run your podcast so that it can reach the most number of people. 

  • Spotify
  • Google Podcasts
  • Soundcloud
  • Anchor

This is how to start a podcast for free, and then with time and dedication you can take this from a hobby to a second hustle, to a lucrative source of income.

Another common question is, how to start a podcast on youtube? Well, it is the same format, all you need for a youtube Podcast is good lighting, a site, studio or space to shoot the podcast and a camera or a couple of cameras(if you want multiple angles) within the video of your podcast.

This has to then be stitched together as you would with a YouTube video, and sync the audio and the video and post it to Youtube. Thus your audience will be able to see you as you are talking. 

What are you waiting for, this year, give podcasting a shot, for all you know next year, by this time you could be the next big podcaster. 

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