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Monetize your content on Twitter

Posted By Gaurav | 28-Jul-2022 | SMM
Looking to make money from your tweets? This guide will show you the strategies and tools you need to monetize your content on Twitter.

A couple of years back, YouTube launched a “Join” for selected creators, especially those channels that had more than 1000 subscribers along with various other restrictions. Due to this particular update, the subscribers who wished to contribute started donating to their favorite creators directly every month.

It was similar to a monthly subscription model and the subscriber can cancel to donate anytime and the subscription amount will stop getting debited from their card therein. Similar to that, Twitter announced in the first week of September that it was going to launch the “Super Follow” option to selected creators in the US and Canada. This option was been in testing for a few months and finally, Twitter has launched it now. Continue reading to know more about the “Super Follow” option and its workings.

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What is the “Super Follow” Option?

The “Super Follow” option is available near the following button on the profile of selected creators. A creator can charge a monthly subscription fee from their fans for extra content on Twitter. The creators are allowed to fix their monthly subscription fees somewhere between $2.99 to $9.99 to their followers. 

After enabling the “Super Follow” option, creators will be made available with two options while tweeting. They can either share their tweets to their normal audience or exclusively with their super followers. 

This feature is currently available exclusively for IOS users and soon will be rolled out for Android users too. One must meet the following criteria to use the “Super Follow” feature on Twitter:

  • They must have at least 10k or more followers on the platform.
  • Creator must be at least 18 years old
  • The account must be at least 3 years old
  • The creator must have tweeted at least 25 times in the last 30 days, probably a month. 
  • Account must be verified with email id and secured with two-factor authentication. 

How is it helpful to the users and creators?

This new feature is helpful to both the followers and the creators. Here is the list of benefits a creator can have from the “Super Follow” option:

  • Creators can monetize their exclusive content. 
  • Providing an incentive to the creators will further motivate them to create more engaging content on the platform. 
  • This feature allows the creators to build a loyal community of their own which can be further used for various other activities too. It creates a good bond between them and their followers by adding extra value to their life. 

This feature is truly a boon for creators with a large number of followers. It indeed has more benefits to the creators but also the followers can also be benefited in the following ways:

  • The content available to the super followers is exclusive and private. So, the knowledge shared by creators to the super followers will not be available to the normal followers. 
  • They get access to the early previews which means that they will be the first to watch the content released by their favorite creators. 
  • With the subscriber-only conversations, they belong to a like-minded community. This enables them to build a good network and have exclusive tips and tricks from the creators. 

Twitter says that it has built this feature with the four Fs of the creator needs i.e., Fun, Fame, Funds, and Feeling the love. 

What content can be shared with the super followers?

It is completely in the hands of the creators to decide the type of content they can share with their super followers. Indeed, they must share valuable content with their followers so that they feel loved and exclusive. Only if they feel loved, creators can have a better retention rate of super followers and earn more. Some of the examples Twitter spells out that creators can provide to the super followers are:

  • Exclusive and extra tips if you are a skilled professional/educational influencer
  • Behind the scenes/Bloopers clippings to have more fun with your community
  • Additional advice on your niche. 
  • Exclusive tricks and guidance you would like to provide to your followers who pay for your content. 

Revenue breakdown of Super Follows:

Twitter and Apple will take a significant part of the fees charged by the creators who opted for Super Follows. They will be eligible for 97% of their fees while the remaining three percentage amount goes to Twitter as processing fees and Apple as in-app purchase fees.

Once the creators reach 50k dollars as their total earnings, the share to the creators drops to 80% with Twitter taking a larger percentage from them. Even though Apple and Twitter take a significant part, creators will be left with a good earning for doing what they love. 


All creators cannot succeed in this new “Super Follow” option. It is still in testing mode, and only a limited number of users get approved. To sign up for the “Super Follow” option, Open the Twitter App >> Main Menu >> Monetization >> Super Follows. Simply sharing some exclusive tweets with your followers will not retain them and thus you cannot expect a regular income from Twitter. You will be required to have great plans and strategies to ensure that your fans stay with you. Followers can unsubscribe to super follow at any time. So, the creators shouldn’t rely on the income from Super Followers because not everyone will be willing to pay for exclusive content. On the other hand, you may also experience a fall in the number of followers after the initial days as they may get bored or not feel like paying for content. 

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