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Show Your Reactions On Twitter Now

Express yourself on Twitter with a wide range of reaction options. Discover how to show your emotions and engage with others on this popular social media platform.
show your reactions on twitter now

For every action post, there is a REACTION. 

Human facial expressions are one of the most popular non-verbal communication. With just 43 different muscles, our faces can perform more than 10,000 expressions. If we can do 10,000+ facial expressions, why should we stick to just one like button or heart reaction when it comes to social media? Social media platforms should try to build at least 4 to 5 most commonly used expressions to express our feelings on a particular post/image to the world.

In that way, Facebook, the most popular Social Media application having more than 2.7 billion active users every month understood human psychology and has introduced almost 7 reactions such as Like, Love, Care, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry long back. Similar to Facebook, the Microsoft-owned social media platform for professionals known as LinkedIn also provided 6 options to react to every post such as Like, Celebrate, Support, Love, Insightful, and Curious.

The reactions to the post depend on the objective people use the platform. As LinkedIn is more a professional social platform than a relaxing social platform like Instagram or Facebook, it has reactions like Insightful/Curious. Whereas Facebook is a social networking platform, it has reactions like Sad, Funny, etc. So, keep reading to know the reactions launched by Twitter to engage people more easily and quickly.

Twitter says that it wanted to implement way to show their feelings for a particular tweet and encourage them to participate in public conversations. Twitter grants users the ability to respond to tweets using five pre-determined emojis, basically the Interesting, Sad, Haha, clapping hands, and the standard heart emoji. The emojis reactions feature is available only to the Turkey users from the 10th of September, whereas it will roll out across all the countries in the upcoming days if this testing gets a positive response. Turkey users can experiment with this feature from Android, iOS, and desktop versions of the platform. 

Users can express their reactions without huge efforts and just within seconds. They can long-press the heart emoji and the other emojis pop up from where they can choose any reaction they want to react with. It is so simple to use and similar to Facebook and LinkedIn.

Creators also can understand how their audience feels with the expressions they receive on their tweets enabling them to improvise their content in various ways instead of blandly receiving only the heart reaction. They can also conduct polls easily with their audience by asking them to use a particular reaction to vote for something as it happens on other social media platforms. 

Twitter started to survey their followers back in March on launching these emoji reactions. They asked how they would react if they adopt a similar option like Facebook on their platform. Users proposed to include Disagree/Agree with a button, a dislike button, or Reddit upvote and downvote button in their emoji sets. Even though these negative reactions are natural, Twitter didn’t include them as their goal is to support healthy public conversations and tried to avoid negativity. Testing these reactions, Twitter may launch other emojis in their list. Creators make the most of it by engaging your fans in a better way!

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