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Social Media Trends, Hacks for 2022

Posted By Gaurav | 16-Sep-2022 | SMM
Want to plan your social media marketing strategy? Let's get started with some social media trends, and hacks for 2022 to help your brand grow 2x and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Social media is forever changing and constantly evolving. There is never an off day with social media, as you need to keep yourself abreast of the latest trend, and the way the industry is moving forward. This new year is said to see a major shift in the way that consumers consume information, and the way that they are able to apply this information that they have received into their daily life, and also integrate updating themselves with this information into their daily routine.

Social media to increase accountability

With Instagram marketing growing and with its prospects of only getting bigger in the coming year, there are some guidelines and etiquette that have been set into place to ensure that everyone on the platform has a great experience and so that the post and content are along with the community guidelines. The Instagram promotion’s to need to be disclosed so that the platform can become more transparent, as well as the constant community guideline updates to ensure the safety of all users on the platform. Social media marketing has changed the way people consume content and that means it has also changed how people post content. A great social media hack is engaging with others posts within your niche and leaving a positive comment, this helps build your community. 

NFT and blockchain has increased in popularity on social media  

 NFT also known as non-fungible tokens, have over recent times generated a lot of interest over social media networks. This has generated a ton of buzz around the topic, and it has also garnered a ton of publicity. The user interaction aside, after seeing the increase in interest in NFT’s, now various social media companies want to drive the conversation and be a part of the revolution on social media that is being driven by NFT. Twitter has recently teased a brand new feature. This feature is said to allow its users to be able to authenticate their NFTs on the platform and they will also be able to display their NFT by linking their crypto wallets. Thus integrating a major Talking point and boosting it using social media promotion, the social landscape is changing and evolving with the times. The social media engagement from avid users is making it possible to bring no fungible tokens to the masses and increase the conversation. 

Voice-led social media networking  

 With LinkedIn marketing being a key gamechanger, it has been noticed that videos that have an audio backing are said to be able to let the person who is watching it digest, process and act on the content in a better manner, as it sticks with them. Twitter Marketing has greatly increased too, and Twitter has now launched a feature that enables users to post voice notes to the app. Coming out of the pandemic, a ton of users shifted to watching/ listening to podcasts to gain more insights on topics or turning into live streams or Clubhouse/ Discord chat rooms. These are all means by which voice led social media networking is laying its foundation. 

Metaverse in social media

 Facebook marketing, had been a section of parking that many had been sleeping on for a while, but now it is seeing a huge resurgence. Facebook promotions are growing with leaps and bounds, and it seems to be taking over the digital space like it did when it first took off. With Facebook’s ambitious plan, and their idea where they aim to transform the digital space into an augmented and virtual reality, which is going to be heavily based on the social networks, and then calling Metaverse has garnered a ton of attention. It is said that this Metaverse, it is going to be a platform where the celebrities can interact with their fans through their very own digital avatars and then they may also go on and sell merchandise as non-fungible tokens (NFT), which can be made available to their fans. 

These are some of the projected trends for this year. What we would suggest is for you to get on when the ride has not yet taken off in full gust, because, why would you want to be left out?

Gaurav Yadav
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