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The Future of Search: Google's Game-Changing Generative Update Unveiled

Posted By Gaurav | 15-Nov-2023 | Google Updates
Google search generative experience redefines the user experience, here’s all you need to know.

In the previous week, Google announced the release of its new generative search engine update. This update is another opportunity for the SEO services providers to enhance their services and rankings on the search engine. 

What is Google search generative experience?

In the last week, it was announced that Google is expanding its search generative experience beta to more than 120 countries and territories in four new languages. In this new Google search generative experience new follow-up questions are added along with AI-enabled translations for more interactive conversations in AI-powered technology. 

Additionally, now that Google AI search generative experience is available in 120 countries and territories, it is functioning beyond Japan, US, and India. Furthermore, the added four languages consist of Korean, Indonesian, Portuguese, and Spanish. 

In an official statement released on a new generative search engine update, it was stated that, "bringing generative AI in Search to more than 120 new countries and adding support for four new languages."

What’s new in the Google search generative experience?

With this new update, now that a user will explore a topic within the search generative experience, the user can view the previously asked questions and search results as well. 

Additionally, in case of a word having more than one meaning, this Google AI search generative experience will help you by adding more context to the translation. Furthermore, commenting on this feature, Google stated that,  "generative AI in Search can help you avoid that kind of ambiguity. Soon, if you ask Search to translate a phrase where certain words could have more than one possible meaning, you’ll see those terms underlined. Tap any of those words and you can indicate the specific meaning that reflects what you want to say. This option may also appear when you need to specify the gender for a particular word."

This feature will also be available in the US for English-to-Spanish translations in the coming future. 

Google Expands Search Generative Experience

Adding definition links is an old concept for SGE but now that Google expanded SGE it is being expanded further from educational topics such as science, history, and economics to also including health information and coding. It was also said that this update will be rolled out in English in the US with a few more countries and languages to be added soon.

How MadHawks Integrated Generative AI?

MadHawks being a digital marketing agency has been associated with various clients in different niches. Our expert SEO team has always been capable of taking care of our client’s needs and has always been updated in terms of recent developments in the digital world. Our team keeps a close eye on all updates in the SEO and other segments of the digital world to offer clients the best possible services. 

Among various different clients, one of our clients is a leading tile and bathroom sanitaryware manufacturer. Our expert team has been working closely with the client's team and strategically devised their keyword ranking structure and picked certain keywords to help the brand rank higher on those keywords organically. 

Our strategies included keyword targeting which helped the client to rank their content in the Generative AI suggestions organically. We targeted a few keywords such as: 

  • How to remove acid stains from floor

  •  Which tile is best for bathroom floor

  • Bathroom tiles in India 

Furthermore, a similar approach was implemented for the sister organization which is a leading sanitaryware manufacturer. Here also we targeted a few keywords that were highly relevant to the client services and products and their web pages ranked organically in the Generative AI content. Some of these keywords are: 

  • EWC


  • Orissa Pan

Our expert SEO ensured that these keywords were targeted and only relevant content along with specific keywords were added to the content. Further, we also ensured that the audience was receiving genuine, authentic, and high quality content relevant to their search query. 

This approach helped us to boost our client’s visibility organically in the Generative AI content suggestions. This further provided our clients with higher product queries and website traffic as well. 

MadHawks Approach for RewardPort

A similar approach was further developed and implemented for a different client of MadHawks. While working with a client which is a loyalty program service provider that has been in the industry for a long time and has been offering various loyalty programs for channel partners, employees, and customers as well. 

Here also we targeted certain keywords that were highly relevant to the client’s target market and user search query. Some of these keywords are: 

  • Channel partner loyalty program 

  • Dealer incentive schemes

  • Sales promotion companies 


  • Dealer partner incentives program 


Adding user-relevant and high-quality content here as well provided us with results, ranking client web pages in the Generative AI suggestions. This was possible as the keywords targeted here were highly relevant to the user search query and the content available on the website was also relevant. 

This further enabled the client’s web pages to rank organically in the Generative AI search as the content was highly relevant as per the search engine algorithm. Further, this provided more visibility to the client, enabling them to expand their customer base. 

MadHawks’Approach for Educational Startup Client 

Another client that has reaped benefits from this strategy of MadHawks is an educational start-up that focuses on right brain development programs for kids. Here again, our SEO team targeted highly relevant keywords and provided highly relevant content that addressed the user search query. This further allowed the client web pages to rank higher in the Generative AI search queries. 

Some of the highly-ranking keywords are: 

  • Right brain education 


  • Right brain development 


MadHawks take on new generative search engine update

Being a digital marketing agency, MadHawks always keeps a close eye on the new updates coming in the digital world. These updates often allow the user to have a more seamless experience. With this new generative search engine update, users can leverage the AI tools and translation as well and engage in deeper insights. 

Further, our focus has always been on offering the best possible services to our clients and helping them rank their web pages organically and get more visibility on the search engine results. This requires our teams to generate highly relevant content and address the user search query while also targeting the relevant keywords. 


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