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Google Released November 2023 Core Update

Fourth core update released by Google in the year 2023, let’s have a look at what’s new and what Google has to say about it.
google released november 2023 core update

Google has rolled out its November core update 2023. This is the fourth core update 2023 that has been released by the company. Earlier, in the last month, Google released the October 2023 core update which took 14 days to roll out completely. 

What is Google November Core update 2023?

This fourth broad core algorithm update is also expected to take around two weeks to roll out completely and its full effects can only be reviewed after that only. This update however is targeted on a different core system than the previous core update. 

Although the website owners should not be expecting much effect from this core update, the company has still suggested the website owners to review the core update guidelines in case there are any changes in the traffic or rankings during the roll out period. 

Further Google also answered few of the important questions such as:

  • Another update this soon, Google explained, “We have different systems that are considered core to our ranking process; this month’s core update involves an improvement to a different core system than last month.”

  • Core updates are to adjust the Google algorithms. 

  • Non-spam issues might also be one of the reasons if your website is affected by the November core update 2023. 

Furthermore, offering more clarity on the functioning of updates, Google said, “We use automated systems to rank search results, and like anything, these aren’t perfect. We’re always looking at ways to improve these systems to show better results.”

Here we can see the announcement of Google related to the November core update 


Adding to the statement, “We do try to separate notable updates so that if they produce changes, site owners can better identify which system is involved. However, given we have so many updates overall, it’s not always possible. In addition, when an update is evaluated and approved because it will make Search better, we don’t want to hold that back. We do try to avoid having updates during the late-November to mid-December period when possible. But it’s not always possible. If we have updates that can improve Search that have been developed over the course of several months, we release them when they’re ready.”

What to do if you are hit?

Although Google said that if the creators are already following the core update guidelines, the chances are very low to get hit by it. However, if you still get hit by this update, you should review your web pages and check for any spam content. 

Additionally, there isn’t much to be done if you are hit by the update, and over time your website will recover from the negative impacts of the core update, if any. 

Previous updates by Google

If you wish to read other updates released by Google earlier in the year and before that, you can do so by getting on the MadHawks blogs and having a quick read there. Moreover, here are some of the major updates of the year:


What's new in this core update?

While releasing this update Google said that this update consists of an improvement of a different core system than the last core update.

What to do if my website is hit?

Google said there is not much to do apart from reviewing your content and checking for spam content in this update. Also, the effects of this update will be resolved once the update is rolled out completely. 

When was the last Google Core update?

The last core update was released in October 2023 by Google, and before that, there was an August 2023 core update. 

Is Google Core Update important?

Yes, Google's core update is important as it makes changes to the algorithms and functioning of Google, which affects the rankings of the websites in SERPs. 

Why does Google do updates?

Google released updates to ensure that the SEO services are seamlessly integrated and no spam or negative websites are ranking. Further, these updates are improved algorithms to ensure better functioning of Google.