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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Marketing

Posted By Gaurav | 16-Nov-2023 | SMM
With the advent of new AI tools and technologies, social media marketing has become even more efficient for businesses to expand their market reach. Let us dive deeper into this through this article

Managing social media accounts across multiple platforms is not at all easy when doing it for marketing purposes. You need to keep a lot of things in mind. But putting all these efforts is totally worth it as an effective social media marketing strategy can take your business to another heights. As there are over 3.8 billion active social media users worldwide, SMM becomes the best way for brands to reach the maximum potential audience.

Social media is no longer just about sharing photos, commenting on posts, and connecting with new people. It has become a powerful platform for businesses to expand their reach and boost their overall growth. Businesses post unimaginable amounts of data to social media platforms every day and this has become possible through AI tools. 

Almost every social media marketing company in India is making use of relevant artificial intelligence tools to fulfill the requirements of their clients and customers. Let us help you understand what role AI plays in social media marketing and how you can use it to manage your social media:

How is AI Used in Social Media?

Artificial intelligence has changed the way businesses work and digital marketing is one of the most affected industries. AI techniques make it much easier for social media markets to analyze massive amounts of data to recognize relevant patterns and trends. 

With its complex algorithms, artificial intelligence can also help you analyze unstructured user comments and recognize crises, if any. Most of the top social media platforms have already incorporated AI in some or other form in their processes as mentioned below:

  • Facebook: FB uses AI to serve content relevant to a user’s interests. By recognizing a user’s face in a photo, recommending tag options, identifying visuals, and performing various other tasks, AI plays a vital role in improving the overall experience of Facebook users.

  • Instagram: The AI algorithm of Instagram helps users find desired content based on their likes, comments, and following habits.

  • Twitter (X): The AI algorithm of Twitter allows users to create thumbnails from an image by recognizing the image. Using neural networks, the algorithm analyzes which part of the image a user will like the most and creates thumbnails based on the same. Apart from this, AI on Twitter can be used to answer comments and post tweets.

  • Pinterest: This platform uses AI to provide personalized content to over 200 million users, resulting in an amazing output of 80% of purchases.

  • LinkedIn: It is a professional social media platform that uses AI to recommend the most appropriate candidates for a particular job role. Also, it highlights users who are actively looking for a job and are more likely to respond to recruiters.

Advantages of Using Artificial Intelligence in Social Media

Below are some most significant benefits of using artificial intelligence in social media marketing:

1. AI-Powered Chatbots

Businesses can use AI-driven chatbots to answer their customers’ queries through social media. These chatbots have the capability to effectively converse with customers and provide them with relevant information related to their queries. This helps businesses improve their customer experience and strengthen their social media presence.

2. Image Recognition

The AI-powered image recognition tools help social media marketers understand the changes in behaviors and interests of customers. The complex algorithms of these tools enable them to go through millions of images at a time and come up with valuable information. This is how social media apps like Facebook give relevant ‘Tag’ recommendations when you post a picture with a friend. 

3. Sentiment Analysis

Artificial Intelligence can also understand the intent or nature of a query, comment, or any other type of text by analyzing it. This feature helps brands understand their customers’ sentiments and know how customers feel about their products or services. For this, AI uses one of its subsets known as Natural Language Processing (NLP). It helps in analyzing sentiment by recognizing positive, negative, or neutral words in a post or comment. 

4. Increased Security

Privacy is an important concern to take into consideration when dealing with your customers’ data on social media. You can find AI tools that help you secure user data and protect their personal information from fraudsters. With AI features like pattern detection, user authentication, fraud prevention, etc, you can improve the security of your social media accounts. 

Applications of AI in Social Media Marketing

We have already discussed the basic advantages and applications of artificial intelligence in social media marketing. Let us now discuss in further detail how social media marketing companies in India can use artificial intelligence in different steps of SMM:

1. Social Listening & Monitoring

Social listening refers to the process of understanding the intent behind posts, reviews, and comments of users for a brand’s products or services. On the other hand, social media monitoring is all about identifying tagged and untagged brands mentioned on social media and replying to them. Both these things help a business learn what users say about its products or services.

Social listening and monitoring can be done using sentiment analysis, trend analysis, and topic clustering. All these processes use an AI-based approach for higher efficiency.

2. Content Creation & Curation

Many social media marketers are using artificial intelligence tools for content creation for different social media platforms. AI tools can create relevant content for your target audience in bulk and schedule it within a few minutes. Not just text-based content, but you can even generate images or videos using these tools.

Moreover, you can use AI-powered tools to generate personalized content for your customers based on their interests and behavior. By providing users with relatable content, you can make them feel connected to your brand and encourage them to become your loyal customers.

3. Customer Support

Another aspect where artificial intelligence plays a significant role in social media marketing is customer service and support. Using AI-powered chatbots, you can provide your customers with 24*7 customer support. These chatbots use an NLP based approach, which helps them understand human sentiment and provide relevant solutions accordingly.

Why Choose MadHawks as Your SMM Partner?

We at MadHawks, which is a top social media marketing company in India, believe in working with a human cum AI approach. Our social media marketing strategy is not entirely based on AI tools. Our team of social media professionals takes your business details into account in order to decide which AI tools are suitable for your business and where your social media needs human effort. With a mix of human-generated content and AI-based strategies, we can help you reach greater heights through social media marketing. Contact us now for further details!


1. How is AI used in social media marketing?

Ans. AI in social media marketing can be used to understand user behavior & interests, identify popular trends & hashtags, improve customer engagement & experience, and understand user intent through sentiment analysis.

2. What is the AI trend on social media?

Ans. AI-powered filters and editing tools have become extremely popular on social media these days. These tools allow users to enhance the appearance of their pictures, add elements to them, and apply creative effects to them.

3. How does Instagram use AI?

Ans. Instagram uses AI to provide users with content relevant to their interests.


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