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Top 5 Google Ranking Factors That Truly Matter in 2024

If you are trying to get your web page a high Google ranking here are five major factors that contribute to the ranking that you need to know before making your SEO strategy. Read below for more details.
top 5 google ranking factors that truly matter in 2024

Who doesn’t want their business to rank highest on the Google ranking system, we often don’t know and understand the basic Google ranking factor included in the process. From the table of our SEO experts, we have drafted this blog to help you understand the process of getting your rankings in Google search results.

For any business, although there are various different factors that help you understand the Google ranking system, there are certain factors that are the same for all businesses and can be integrated easily into SEO strategies. 

Before we get into the details of these major factors let’s have a quick look at why ranking high in SERPs matters for a business. 

Why Rank Higher?

For any business that is ranking higher in the Google SERPs here are some of the major benefits to real off. 

  • Increased Visibility

For a business or website that is ranking higher in the SERPs, it will have increased visibility and will further have more audience for the websites. 

  • Higher Revenue 

Increased visibility will help the business to generate more revenue and make more profit as well in the long run. 

  • Better CTR 

Since the website would be ranking higher on the results page, more clicks on the website will offer better CTRs for the website. 

  • Increased Traffic 

High ranking will generate high organic traffic which will increase revenue and profit for the business, hence, better business. 

Moving on, let’s discuss the major contributing factors towards the Google ranking system. 

5 Major Ranking Factors That Every SEO Expert Should Be Focus 

1. High-Quality Content

First and foremost, ensuring that your website has high-quality content available that is relevant to the audience query is one of the major contributing factors to the Google ranking system. 

If your website does not have quality or relevant content then based on what is your website going to rank. Hence, it is important to have high-quality content that the audience can relate to and find it informative as well. 

This aspect also requires you to have a strategic mindset and use trending keywords without keyword stuffing. Using relevant keywords will further help your content rank higher and in the end your website rank higher in the search results.  

Additionally, Google released different updates such as EEAT (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness). Although EEAT is not a major ranking factor, it is a guideline that helps you to configure your content for better ranking and visibility. 

2. Strong Backlinks 

The next contributing factor is building up strong backlinks. Creating relevant and strong inbound and outbound links allows Google to crawl your pages and content and help you get a ranking in the search results. 

However, a lot of spam strategies have already been planned for getting high rankings based on low-quality backlinks. With Google’s Penguin update, this practice came to a halt where the low-quality backlinks were downgraded and not regarded while ranking the content. 

This promotes the websites to create strong, relevant, and valuable backlinks for getting higher rankings in the search results. Additionally, website owners are also pushed to repair and rework the broken backlinks and create more relevant backlinks.  

3. Strategic Technical SEO

The third major contributing factor is integrating a strategic Technical SEO. This is a major aspect that allows you to focus on all the technical aspects of your website such as loading speed, mobile-friendliness, user experience, backlinking, and crawling. 

Technical SEO strategies allow you to have an in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of your website and work on the areas that are not performing well or are impacting the website ranking. 

Furthermore, it is important to have a SEO ranking factor under consideration while working on your website Google ranking factors. Additionally, technical SEO allows you to ensure that your website is technically sound to get it crawled, indexed, and ranked in the search results. 

4. Keyword Optimization 

Another strategy to consider is to have keyword optimization. Understanding which keywords are trending and ranking higher in your niche, and generating quality content leveraging the same keywords will help you get higher rankings. Consider not getting into the practice of keyword stuffing as that might help you rank your website anywhere. 

Using relevant keywords will help the search engine to have a clear understanding of your website and the content available on your web pages. This will further help the algorithm to get your page ranked in the relevant search and in the relevant niche. 

5. Page Experience 

Finally, developing a seamless page experience for the user with a user-friendly UX will further help in getting your website ranked higher in the search results. For this ensure that your webpages are loading in no time and are offering the user a seamless experience, with proper information required in the niche. 

For this ensure these four major aspects are covered in your strategy- HTTPS, page loading speed, core web vitals, and mobile friendliness. All these factors combined will help the user have a seamless experience further getting your website rank higher in the Google ranking system. 

Concluding Words with MadHawks

It has been made clear in the above discussion that there are certain major factors such as high-quality content, creating strong backlinks, keyword optimization, seamless page experience, and technical SEO. 

All these factors combined allow you to configure your website in a manner that the pages can rank higher and your website gets high organic traffic and helps you generate more revenue as well. 

Although it is not that only these five factors are contributing to Google's ranking system, there are a few more factors contributing. MadHawks being a leading digital marketing agency has always been in favor of considering all the factors and genuine practices for getting a higher ranking in the Google search results. 


How is Google rank determined?

Relevant keywords, quality of content, mobile friendliness, and SEO strategy are some of the common factors that help you to determine your Google rank, and improving on these aspects can also help to improve your website ranking. 

What is the formula for Google ranking?

There is no such formula for Google ranking, the only way is to keep your website relevant in terms of content, keywords, and SEO as per the query of the audience along with a mobile-friendly UI for seamless navigation. These factors combined help to get you a good Google ranking. 

Is page speed a Google ranking factor?

Yes, page speed is a contributing factor to Google ranking and can have a negative impact on the ranking if the website loading speed is slow. Hence, it is advisable to have a good page speed. 


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