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Upgrade your SEO strategy through Google tools

Posted By Gaurav | 30-Nov--0001 | Search Engine Optimization
Enhance your SEO strategy with the help of Google's powerful tools. Discover how to optimize your website and improve your search rankings.

Budgets go a long way and if you have one it truly pays off for what you wish to have. But what if you lack or you’re just getting started?

Here you are all set to find five Google tools for free that could help you step up your SEO game.

  1. Google Trends

Check out the trends with Google Trends that help you around search queries making it a great tool for keyword search.

  • Finding new keywords

Input your topic or specific search query once you go to Google Trends. Once you place your data, you’ll be presented with a trend chart of interest in the query over time.

Though this could be useful, your real treasure is all at the bottom under Related topics and related queries

When these boxes are currently gaining traction, you would see a movement wherein the boxes will rise.

These words could be the one where you would like to capitalize on quickly so that you could be a first-mover and gain rankings immediately

  • Advanced keyword research

You can always make sure to take your SEO game a little bit high even though the base level of google trends is helpful.

With this one can place a specific region, period, category and search platforms. 

The region allows you to pull data from where you want to pull search data geographically. For the ones working on local SEO, this proves them way useful.

To compete in a specific field, a category helps you to select a specific one. This helps to narrow down your options especially for the ones who offer a service in a specific industry or who have an extremely common query.

Search platforms refine the data to a specific platform, such as an image search or youtube search, news search and google shopping search.

For those with an integrated SEO plan, search platform modifiers are way great and useful.

  1. Rising Retail categories

E-commerce is all unpredictable but of course, you can be at the top with Rising Retail Categories.

Google’s data compilation on retails is what it is defined as. You can find the current product categories that are trending along with their searches and the geographical location of being in trend.

To know and focus on which products could be rendering the most potential impact, turns out to be a good idea for an e-commerce SEO.

As an enterprise local SEO, you can use the data to determine which products to focus on in each market.

  1. Visual Stories

‘Bitesize visual stories for busy marketers, driven by trending topic and data from google’ is what google defines as Visual Stories.

From holiday shopping trends to specific industry case studies and more, each carries interactive slides with few insights or data points.

These data points not only keep search data in focus but also highlight some insights that keep the desires, experiences and perceptions of the audience in limelight.

This information/data could also be used to change the journey of the user, inclusive of things that mattered to the customer earlier. 

This could also spotlight pain points that had been previously uncovered or on a more basic level, give an SEO an idea of what keywords to focus on.

  1. Grow My Store

To sell a product online or in person, Grow My Store is an absolute must choice- sighting Google identifiers for a successful online store, broken down into five categories:

  • Product Information
  • Store Details
  • Personalization
  • Customer Service
  • Security

This tool gives Google ideas of the must-haves for a product-selling business website with components such as product reviews, profile for shoppers, live chats and HTTPS.

Answer three questions i.e. what is your business type, what is your domain and what industry are you in to use Grow My Store. 

Once you do this, you will be able to view your report with your overall score and some data around your industry.

Create an account if you wish to get your full report with recommendations. It will be sent to you in your email.

This helps you to create (and track) a list of changes that are necessary as per Google.

With this, you will also get customised data and insight based on your industry once you go to the menu, and select ‘reach more customers. 

Scroll down and choose ‘understanding your trends’ wherein here you will be able to see the industry and specific category to have specific information such as top searches in that field and so on.

  1. Test my Site

The tool is somewhat similar to the previous tool- testing three specific categories of a feature on your site i.e. speed, personalization, and experience. 

This tool could be used for any website and not for specific product-based business sites unlike Grow My Store.

The first report that comes up is your mobile site speed and any recommendations that need fixing. 

You can sign up if you wish to receive a full report. The report sent will give you recommendations broken down with explanations for marketers and developers.

Though Google can turn out cryptic about what they care about on websites, with quite a few resources, they have managed to place them in a way that could issue insight into what they find important.

With tools, not the only thing to look up to, data in 2021 is more essential than ever.

Be sent and use it, for free!

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