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What Are Google Shopping Ads and How It Can Increase Sell

Posted By Gaurav | 03-Jan-2024 | PPC
You would have seen product ads on Google when you search for some product-related keywords. These ads appear even above the top organic search results. These are known as Google Shopping Ads. Let us learn more about them in this article.

Pay-per-click advertising is one of the crucial parts of digital marketing. Although SEO is great for a long-term impact, PPC gives you faster results. Instead of prioritizing one of them, it is always better to have a combined strategy. Google Shopping Ads is one of the most popular platforms for pay-per-click advertising and has its advantages. The most significant benefit of using Google Shopping Ads is that it gives better returns on advertising spending compared to other types of advertising. 

Let us understand in detail what Google Shopping Ads are and how they enhance your pay-per-click advertising efforts:

What Are Google Shopping Ads?

Google shopping ads are advertisements or promotions that allow businesses to showcase their products at the top of Google search results. These ads are shown when users search product-related keywords. When they search for such a keyword, product ads are shown either on the top or alongside the organic search results on Google. Apart from the SERPs, these ads can also be seen in Google’s shopping tab, YouTube, Gmail, and Google Display network.

As it’s pay-per-click advertising, you only need to pay when a user clicks on your product ad. Google shopping ads work differently from traditional Google search ads. With search ads, you had to bid for a particular keyword. But in the case of shopping ads, you just need to upload a spreadsheet containing all the details about your product. Google itself shows your ads for the relevant search queries or wherever they seem suitable.

Advantages of Using Google Shopping Ads for Your Business

Here are some most significant advantages of using Google shopping ads to boost your pay-per-click advertising:

1. Make Your Products Visible on the Top of SERPs

It is quite difficult to outrank your competitors in organic search results. By running a Google shopping ad campaign, you can make your products appear on the top of SERPs as Google by default shows product ads before organic results for relevant keywords. 

2. Better ROI

Compared to other types of ad campaigns, Google shopping ads usually bring better click-through rates and conversions. Why would anyone want to spend more for lesser results? If Google shopping ads are giving you more for less, just go for it.

3. Expand Your Customer Base

As Google shopping ads are displayed at multiple places, including YouTube, Google SERPs, display networks, emails, etc, these have the potential to reach a larger audience base compared to other types of ads. 

Strategies to Maximize Your Profits Using Google Shopping Ads

Here are some most important tips that you must keep in mind to create a strong and effective pay-per-click advertising strategy:

1. Look at Your Competitors’ Strategies

You can start by looking at the Google ads of your competitors. Try to identify what keywords they are using, how they are writing product titles and descriptions, and what are the price ranges of their products. You can use PLA research tools to identify which keywords trigger their product ads and optimize your ads for these keywords. You don’t need to copy the strategy of your competitors but just learn from it. 

2. Optimize Product Titles

Product tiles play a crucial role in how your Google shopping ads campaign performs. A product ad with a well-written title can result in a high click-through rate while a badly optimized one will get little to no clicks at all. The title should clearly describe what your product is. For example, if you are running an ad for men’s shirts, it should be like - ‘Cotton Plain Shirt for Men - Grey - M.’ As this title itself talks about the color, gender, size, material, etc, it will be clicked by users who are looking for something exactly like this. 

Also, make sure that you write the most important information first. Although you have 150 characters to write product tiles, only 70-100 characters will be visible to the users until they click on the ad. Therefore, the most important keyword should be included first, and then the additional details about the product. Keep in mind that including any promotional information such as price, discount, etc, in the ad title is against Google’s guidelines.

3. Choose Clear and Best Images

The image of your product is the first thing users will notice. Therefore, you need to make sure that you upload the best and clear image of the product. Google itself blocks your campaign if you upload low-quality images. Try to take high-quality professional images of your product before you run a Google shopping ad campaign for it. As per Google’s guidelines, you need to take care of the following points while taking a picture of your product for an ad:

  • The size of the image should be at least 100*100px for the non-apparel category and at least 250*250px for the apparel category. Also, the image should not exceed 16 MB.

  • The image should display the entire product clearly.

  • It is recommended to upload pictures with a transparent or white background.

  • The image should not include anything other than the product or any illustrations.

  • If your product has different colors or different variants, upload separate pictures for each of them.

4. Add Negative Keywords to Your Campaign

This might sound a bit confusing to you. Negative keywords refer to the keywords for which you don’t want your product ad to appear. Sometimes Google shows product ads that are irrelevant to a particular search query. To avoid this, you can include negative keywords in your campaign and improve the relevance of your ads. 

5. Don’t Forget to Add product Ratings

Product ratings help users understand whether your product is being liked or disliked by your customers. As per a survey, over 77% of consumers prefer checking a product’s rating while looking at different options. Therefore, adding product ratings to your ads is quite essential. It can be especially beneficial for you if the average rating of your products is good as it helps improve click-through rate as well as conversions.

Pay Per Click Advertising with MadHawks

Running an effective ad campaign is not an easy task that anyone can perform without any knowledge and experience. You need proper knowledge of the right tools and techniques and hands-on experience in running Google Shopping Ad campaigns. 

The internet has everything today and you can even find a step-by-step guide for running pay-per-click advertising campaigns. However, partnering with an experienced PPC service provider like MadHakws may be an even better option. If you want to explore pay-per-click advertising or other services at MadHawks, contact us today!


1. What are Google Shopping ads?

Ans. Google Shopping Ads is a platform for pay-per-click advertising where brands can upload their product details and Google shows their ads on the top of search results. 

2. How do I appear on Google Shopping ads?

Ans. You can make your products appear on Google Shopping Ads simply by optimizing your product titles and descriptions for relevant keywords.

3. How do I promote my shop on Google?

Ans. To promote your online store on Google, you can run a Google Shopping Ad campaign which will make your products appear at the top of search results.


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