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You Can Now Shop On Twitter

Twitter has announced the launch of a product and placement of pages that will now allow users to get things from the service. Here's how the new feature works.
you can now shop on twitter

Nowadays we are in a generation where all our wants, luxuries, and needs can be shopped online. We can buy any new things we see our favorite influencers using on their videos, reels, Instagram posts, or Facebook and Instagram live videos online. Most of the influencers give the link of those products in the description to make our task easier and simpler. With the advent of E-commerce, Twitter has also expanded e-commerce options in their product. Earlier in March 2021, in the e-commerce Twitter card, users were able to add a large Call-To-Action “Shop” button at the end. 

They can include a product title, code, price, relevant information about the product. By clicking on the shop button, people will be directed to the business website from where they can purchase the product if needed. At the same time, Twitter said that it is testing various E-commerce features on the platform and soon people will be open to various opportunities with the new tools. 

People use Twitter to interact with brands they love and stay updated with the latest technologies the brands are working on. It is easy for the users to post a review on Twitter about the products they purchased from a particular website. Businesses are also focusing on creative ways to promote and increase sales through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Some businesses are also using Twitter as a place to launch their new products as the tweets are easily sharable and the followers are intentional buyers. It would be super cool to buy a newly launched product from your favorite brand on flash sale with just a few clicks instead of undergoing a long research process. 

In this situation, Twitter is trying to onboard in-stream product listings, tied to business profiles to enhance the shopping experience of their users. Viewers can save the product listings and make purchases right from the tweeted content. Along with the launch of the “Super Follows” option, a new “Purchases” tab will be available in the menu option just above the monetization. 

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By clicking on the purchases tab, users can see the list of any subscriptions made or ticketed spaces they have paid for. As of now, the purchases tab does not contain the list of products purchased through the app, but they are trying to list it soon. It has launched an initial test of “Professional Profiles” for Brands and Creators. People can include more information like address, contact details, business category, business badges within the main profile frame. This testing is carried out with a small pool of businesses in the US and soon will be made available to all the users. By creating a professional profile, businesses can scale up their promotion and branding among their audience. 

Among these, the best feature launched is the shop module available at the top of the business profiles. If anyone visits a Shop Module enabled profile, they can scroll through the carousel of the images available at the top. If they are interested in knowing more about any product listed, they can click on them and finally purchase within the application itself. 

Twitter hasn’t mentioned that it will charge specific fees for creating and using professional profiles to this date. With an intent to double its revenue by 2023, we can expect that these Professional Profiles, product displays, and various other e-commerce features will come at a cost to the users. In previous research, it has shown that 74% of the users follow brands on this platform to stay up-to-date with the latest products and news. So, these purchases tab sections, in-app listing, Shop now CTA can be a great tool for businesses to increase their sales. 

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