Tired of hearing all those old advice to have a strong bio, a profile picture, post daily, get people emotional about your goods, etc.? Have done all the popular practices but not been able to get a reach over the platform? Don’t quit.

Here is a small list of new advice you can follow which Tiktok is more likely to promote such content. Following this list of advice, you can make high-performing ads on this platform, get better reach, promote your brands and product.

Apart from the practices for individuals, Tiktok is also providing advice for E-commerce brands. Tiktok says that 74% of its audience use the platform to get entertained.

So, try to make your content more entertaining with the help of creators and the community using trending hashtags, in-app effects, etc. Hashtags are a vital part of TikTok’s algorithm. When you use the top trending hashtags, your content will be pushed to the ‘for you’ page of people who have watched, liked, and shared videos with the same hashtag.

The recently released practices of TikTok are focused on citing closed captions, video durations, and how these practices can help you in having a better reach. Without wasting your time, let’s dive directly into the new 4 thumb rules and advice provided for brands by Tiktok, the most downloaded social media app in 2021. 

4 Best TikTok Practices That Will Improve Your Performance:

  1. Video Resolution of at least 720 pixels:

A couple of months back, Instagram also said that it will promote high-quality and colorful videos that are at least 500 pixels. Instagram reels are seen as an alternative to TikTok videos in countries like India where TikTok is been banned. Similarly, TikTok is also suggesting that 83.19% of top trending videos of this platform have a video resolution of 720 pixels or even more. So, try recording videos with high-quality cameras if you want to partner with the TikTok algorithm. 

  1. Prefer Vertical Videos and try avoiding Horizontal format:

Panoramic shots and mountain ranges will require a landscape video format, but those videos can be used in other social media platforms like youtube/Instagram feed. 82.13% of the viral TikTok videos use a vertical aspect. The impact of following this practice is you can have a 40.08% rise in impressions compared to other formats. 

  1. Use trending Audio:

Using popular songs, music, or particular audio doesn’t mean that you have to dance or sing to match with the background music. You can use audio in a product launch, unboxing any memorable gifts, meeting your loved ones, a dream dinner/lunch with your loved one, and anything. 93.02% of top-performing videos use audio which resulted in a 16.05% increase in impressions. 

  1. 9:16 Aspect Ratio:

Using a 1:1 or 16:9 ratio video will have a space on your screen showcasing the creator more unprofessional. So, use the 9:16 ratio, especially for ads to have the maximum benefit. TikTok reveals that 98.63% of the trending videos use this aspect ratio, which saw a 60.45% increase in impressions. 

Exclusive Tips For E-commerce Brands:

  1. Give Raining Discounts And Offers:

Place a promotional code, welcome gifts, freebies on purchases above a certain amount, or a seasonal discount for your products. A piece of awesome news is that only 3.21% of Tiktok’s top-performing videos are with some offers/discounts but those videos saw an increase in impressions by 67.4%. So, provide discounts/offers and stay ahead of your competitors. 

  1. Closed Captioning:

    Closed Captioning was a new feature introduced back in April 2021. These automatic captions act as a subtitle to your videos and make them accessible to people who have disabilities in hearing. It also enables users to watch your videos with low sound even late at night. So, add automatic captions to your ad videos to have higher impressions. According to 73.22% of the highest performing videos on the platform, 55.68% have higher impressions. 
  1. Include Scene Variations:

Use attractive transitions and multiple scenes in a single video to have higher impressions. Including scene variations can lift your impressions by 40.56%. 


Implementing all the practices in one go in every video is not possible. It will be hard for creators to plan and shoot videos according to the new algorithm. Slowly and steadily start including these practices and boost up your reach and sales via TikTok, one of the leading social media platforms. 

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