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A Christmas Gifts to Creators on Instagram?

Posted By Gaurav | 30-Nov--0001 | SMM
With the holiday season right around the corner, Instagram has issued a brand-new update. Read full story

With the holiday season right around the corner, Instagram has issued a brand-new update. The new update, namely Gifts has launched on Instagram. It is being rolled out in batches, and as of now, it is being tested in the US. The Gifts option is available next to the Reels tab on the Tabs section at the bottom of your Instagram page. The objective of gifts is to be able to help creators.

The thought behind it is that it encourages the audience to be able to send a gift to their favorite content creator. This will enable them to be able to earn money from their followers, thus monetizing the content that they share. This is a feature that creators may choose to enable and open to their audience

The holiday season is the biggest gifting season and it’s a time when people not only open their hearts but also their wallets, and the timely launch of this feature could majorly help creators. In addition to this, with Black Friday being a few weeks away, it is something that can immensely help as creators can create goals (of products/technology) they want and can appeal to their audience to help them reach these goals.

How Does the New Gifts Feature of Instagram Work?

Instagram has explained that when using this feature, the audience will be able to gift their favourite creations by purchasing Stars on Instagram. More details about this are set to be disclosed to the public soon.

What are your thoughts on this, and are you excited for this to be a feature that you can use soon?

There are also a few more new updates that should help creators further monetise their profession.

Creator Profile

This feature will now allow creators, as it will help them set up their portfolio pages. This page will be a compilation of all their previous works, which would be more like an influencer’s com card. The card will showcase the creator’s work that they have created throughout their career.

The card should help individuals and prospective brands to understand the creator’s niche, engagement, and the nature of their past partnerships. This will be great as it will give them a unique code for their posts. This code can then be shared with their partnered brand, allowing them to be able to create an ad with the code and then they’ll be able to promote the organic content/post as the brand’s ad.

This update not only helps creators as they do not need to engage in dead-end conversations with brands in the initial stage, as they have a page with all the info they would need. But it also helps the brand to be able to leverage the collaboration.

Badges Feature

In addition to this, Instagram has also rolled out the Badges feature that enables people to show their support for the creators. They can do so by buying these badges when the creator is Live. At this time a heart icon will appear beside their name in the comments section. The price would vary between $0.99 and $4.99.

Notes Feature

The Notes feature is widely available and is great to keep you at the top of your audience’s mind. This feature can help you keep your audience updated on what you are doing, or you can add a call to action. It is also a great way to help old audience members who may have followed you but have not seen your content in a while because you have not been appearing on their feeds. This will help as it will pop up your name on their feed and thus, they can be refreshed with your content.

Coming in towards the end of 2022 these updates if used tactfully and strategically can be a massive boon. To stay updated on all things happening in the digital space follow this space.

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