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Google Major Updates in 2023 with 2024 SEO Predictions

Posted By Gaurav | 11-Mar-2024 | Search Engine Optimization
We have already stepped into the year 2024, and here is a review of all the major Google updates of 2023 along with some predictions for the year 2024 in SEO.

In this fast paced world, new updates and trends are coming every few weeks. Similar approach has been observed in the Google major updates in 2023. Throughout the year 2023, Google released various updates which had certain impacts on SEO. 

Here in this blog we are going to review some of the major updates of 2023 along with the Google updates in 2024 and 2024 SEO predictions as well. Let’s begin. 

Google Major Updates in 2023

  • Helpful Content Update 

This update by Google rewarded the relevant content while downgrading the spam and irrelevant content. While releasing the update Google mentioned this update to be an ‘improved classifier’. 

Moreover, this update took 14 days for its complete roll out and had a major impact on the SEO industry. It was further associated with the EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) of the page and impacting the SEO of the website. 

  • Link Spam Update

Another Google major updates in 2023 was Link Spam update which was focused on identifying and downgrading websites with spam link building. This further rewarded the websites with organic and genuine link-building. 

Moreover, this had an impact on the rankings of the websites in the search results and had highlights in the SEO niche. 

  • Core Update Throughout 2023

Throughout the year 2023, Google has released various core updates such as March core update, August core update, November core update. These core updates focused on different aspects of the SEO, website ranking and other factors such as user intent, search queries, content understanding. 

Moreover, these core updates on an average took 15 days to roll out completely and impacted the websites that were not compliant with the policies and updates of the search engine. 

  • Reviews Update

This update was released by Google with an announcement of ‘constant improvement’ in the review system at a regular pace. Hence, no updates would be launched in future for the reviews system. This would allow the systems to function better without having to face any issues. Additionally, the rollout of this update overlapped with the November core update 2023. 

  • Product Review Update 

Since Google emphasises more on the detailed product reviews for the products. This update was released in 10+ languages in addition to English. The major impact of this update included rewarding the websites with comprehensive, in-depth product reviews. In addition to this, the product reviews addressing the pain points of the users were further promoted.  

  • Topic Authority System 

As the name suggests, this system promotes relevant, expert and knowledgeable content in Google news  and Google search. This system further allows the users and search engines to rely on trustworthy content only with expert knowledge. 

  • Web Vitals Update

During this update three major aspects were highlighted by Google: First Input Delay (FID), Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS), and Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) as the core vitals. 

This further ensured that the users had an enhanced and secure experience of the website. Furthermore, ensuring that the overall experience of the website was elevated and page speed for elevating the user experience. 

2024 SEO Predictions

Moving forward let’s have a look at some of the  2024 SEO predictions and how these are going to have an impact on the SEO for the year. 

  • Mobile First Indexing

Starting the year 2024, it was expected to observe mandatory implementation of mobile-first indexing. This further urges the websites and website owners to focus more on mobile first indexing and design their websites in a mobile friendly manner. Failing to comply with these guidelines might result in low search rankings. 

  • BERT Algorithm 

The year 2023 saw a hype regarding the BERT algorithm and the same is expected for the year 2024 as well. By the year 2024 the sophistication of the BERT algorithm is bound to enhance more in terms of integral understanding of search queries. 

  • March Spam Update 2024

The March spam update 2024 has already been released by Google. This spam update focuses on downgrading the negative or false practices for influencing the search results. Furthermore, it contains three major aspects of spam: expired domain abuse, site reputation abuse, scaled content abuse. 

  • March Core Update 2024

The March core update 2024 is a bit more complex as compared to previous core updates. It is expected that this update will be rolled out completely in a month's time given its complexity. 

It has an impact on the identification of relevance and helpfulness of the content. In addition to this, it further has an impact on the core ranking system as well which would further result in enhanced content classification. 

  • User-Generated Content

User generated content is slowly gaining popularity and has been a preferred way in the year 2023. This not only allows the users to be engaged with the brand but also provides authentic content and helps the brand and users to portray original content as well. 

  • Privacy-Centric SEO 

Since privacy is a major concern and has been for a long time. With privacy-centric SEO search engines are focusing on privacy centric SEO approaches. It includes transparent data practices, secure website connection, and enhanced privacy standards as well. 

  • Schema Markup  

Another 2024 SEO predictions consist of schema markup. It is slowly making its way. With the year 2024, Google and other search engines are also going to start prioritizing the schema markup for website ranking and other factors. Furthermore, it will have an impact on the enhanced visibility, and snippets search. 

Concluding Thoughts  

From the above discussion we can conclude the Google major updates in 2023 and the 2024 SEO predictions are all based on redefining user search experience. In addition to this, it also focuses on promoting the positive practices and downgrading the spam practices for website ranking. 

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1. What is the latest update for SEO in 2024?

The latest update for SEO in 2024 is the march core update 2024 and march spam update 2024. 

2. How does these updates impact SEO?

These updates impact the SEO as they promote the websites complying with the guidelines of Google while also downgrading the spam activities and the websites. 

3. What are the major Google updates that have impacted SEO?

The major updates that have impacted the SEO are- March spam update 2024, link spam update, and helpful content update. 

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