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Google October 2023 Spam Update is Now Complete

Spam update finished rolling out, and here are the details to keep you updated. Read below to know the impact and other information.
google october 2023 spam update is now complete

Google earlier this month released the October 2023 spam update which is finished rolling out and here is what you need to know about it. MadHawks with SEO services is back with yet another new blog to keep you updated about the recent Google spam update complete.

In the last week, however, the Google core update was rolled out completely which had a significant impact on website rankings as it was targeted to reward the high-quality websites and demote the low-ranking websites.  

October spam update complete guide

  • Took 15 days and 12 hours to roll out

  • Update released on 4th October 2023

  • Spam update finished rolling out on 20th October 2023

What is Google Spam Update complete decode?

Google, while releasing the update, stated that this October 2023 spam update is focused on: cleaning up various spam that were reported by community members in Turkish, Hindi, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, and various other languages. 

Furthermore, it was also mentioned that the update will be able to : significantly reduce the visible spam in search results, especially cloaking, scarped spam, auto-generated spam, and hacked. 

In its official statement, posted on social media channel X, Google further added, “We’ve done work to especially improve coverage in some languages, as our blog post explained. So yes, that language likely will see bigger and more helpful change. But the improvements are not limited to those languages.”

Impacts of Spam update finished rolling out

Although it's too early to say about any significant impacts of the update, there is a visible targeting of spam websites on 9th October 2023. This resulted in spam results being reduced in the search results and offering users with a better experience and better search results. 

How do MadHawks look at Google Spam update complete? 

MadHawks being a digital marketing agency feels it is our obligation to keep our users and readers updated with the latest developments and updates coming in the digital world. 

With the October Spam update complete it is going to impact websites with spam content and other issues such as cloaking, hacking, and auto-generated. However, with MadHawks you don’t have to worry about this as our teams are highly professional and are not involved in any spam practices. 

For more information get in touch with our experts today. 


What is the Google spam update?

Google spam update is released by Google to remove the visible spam results in the search results and provide the user with better experience. 

How do I recover a spam update?

To recover from the spam update, review your website for any spam or false content, if any then remove the content. If your website got affected by the update, then either this is a temporary effect or your website has spam content that needs to be removed. 

what is the purpose of Google spam update?

The purpose of this Google Spam update is to reduce the visible spam results in search results especially cloaking, scarped spam, auto-generated spam, and hacked.