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#ReelFeelKaro , Boost Your Engagement with these Instagram Reel Hacks

Posted By Gaurav | 30-Nov--0001 |
Looking to boost your engagement on Instagram Reels? Check out these effective hacks that will help you #ReelFeelKaro and attract more viewers!

15 – 60 seconds to shake up your entire marketing game on social media. You don’t believe it? Well, let us prove you wrong. If you have been living anywhere with an internet connection and access to Instagram, then you have definitely seen a reel, you may have not known what it was, because it ended just as soon as it started. These short videos are ideal for giving a sneak peek into your business, giving it a personal touch, showing off your products, services, what you do, and breaking the glass wall between you and your prospective new follower.

What are Instagram Reels?

After Instagram’s latest update, Instagram users can upload 15 to 60-seconds video clips set to music and share them to their Stories, Explore Feed, and the new Reels tab on a user’s profile. Taking centre stage on the navigation bar, users seem to be doing the ‘most’ to create the most engaging content.

This is a huge change on the app, and a significant push to have users browse and share and interact with Reels more often; get on this trend whilst it is still young so that you can grow and learn from it. 

Instagram’s creators account has explained that the Reels tab is a “place to watch short, fun videos, and helps your Reels get discovered by new audiences on a bigger, global stage.” 

As part of this unique feature, you can see Reels by creators from around the globe, enabling you to see Reels from both accounts you follow and new accounts as you scroll. 

Whilst browsing through the selection of Reels, you shall see Reels from popular and trending accounts on Instagram as well. In addition to seeing Reels on the new Reels tab, you can also find Reels on the Explore page.

“The tab will provide a deeply immersive Reels experience with auto-play videos, with a creative entry point that opens directly to the Reels camera,” according to Instagram

According to Instagram, “If your reel is featured, you’ll receive a notification. Featured reels are a selection of public reels chosen by Instagram to help you discover original content we hope will entertain and inspire you.”

How to Create Instagram Reels

So you have decided to create a reel, well, here are some pointers for you, Instagram Reels can be created in 3 different ways: 

  • the Instagram home screen
  • the Reels tab 
  • the Instagram Stories camera. 

To access through the Reels tab, tap the camera on the top right. 

To access through the Instagram home screen, tap the “+” on the top right and scroll to the Reels tab at the bottom of the screen.

Now, onto creating a Reel, simply open the Instagram Stories camera, find the Reels icon positioned either between the default Normal mode and then click on the Create mode on or on the bottom menu next to “Story”.

From this screen, you can select your audio by tapping the music icon. Then you may choose how slow, or how fast you want the playback speed to be, by choosing the speed of your video by pressing the play icon. 

The next decision for you is to decide how long you’d like your video to be by tapping the circle with 15-seconds on the left-hand side. When you press, shuffle between 15 seconds and 30 seconds, and that shall be how long your final reel will be.

Similar to Boomerang mode, Instagram gives its user the facility to apply effects or AR filters to your Reels video. 

You can choose to use any previously saved filters or you can scroll to the end and tap “Browse Effects”. 

Either hold down the record button to capture footage or upload video footage from your camera roll. When finished, you can edit the cover photo with a video thumbnail or add a cover from your camera roll. 

Pro-tip, keep your reel visible on your profile to optimize its reach so that when people check out your profile, they shall be able to find your content.

  • Here are three ways you can use Instagram Reels in your marketing strategy:

Instagram Reels for Business #1: 

Create Authentic Content that Resonates with Your Audience

When Instagram Stories were first introduced to our lives in 2016, few could have predicted just how successful the fun and informal ephemeral format would prove to be. 

If Instagram Stories is anything to go off of, Reels could be even bigger. 

These Reels are designed to be fast and fun and are packed full of special effects that make creating captivating and authentic content easy, engaging and trend specific. 

This offers a great opportunity for businesses to show a relatable version of themselves, which can be great for building genuine relationships and strengthening the community. 

Thus you don’t have to save your personality for community meetups, live streams or webinars, now you can showcase it all on your Instagram. All your followers have to do is slide on over to the new Instagram Reels tab.

Instagram Reels for Business #2:

Share Educational Content

Posting educational content is a great place to start, giving your followers your top 5 travel tips, teach them how to get the perfect photo, or show them how to style a skirt in 5 ways, this enables them to have a purpose to follow you.

Instagram Reels for Business #3: 

Showcase Products

The Gram is one of the most visual platforms out there, and it is the best market to have your product reach maximum eyes, thus enabling people to notice you. 

Thus Instagram Reels is a huge opportunity for brands and businesses to drive awareness and sales from the platform, and direct it towards boosting their sales. 

With just a few hacks it is easy to be the talk of the town, thus garnering views, showcasing your products as creatively as you can, and within 3-clicks, the users can purchase your products straight from the video! 

If a user is interested, they can tap “View Products” to learn more about the product, save for later, or go ahead and purchase. Also, if they save your Reel that only helps to improve your engagement 

Since Reels are pushed to both the Explore page and the new Reels tab, which is located in the navigation bar, the number of users who don’t follow, but shall still see your content is huge! 

Collaboration with creators is another ingenious way to get content that you may repurpose, get your product to reach new eyes, and at the same time know that your product reaches twice the number of eyes.

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