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Unmention Yourself Renamed To Leave The Conversation

Unmentioned feature to allow users to untag themselves from any conversation thread or reply is posted on the platform. Read the full story
unmention yourself renamed to leave the conversation

“Disconnect to Connect with your soul”

We never want to be a part of some conversation sometimes because we are affected by mood swings. There is no compulsion that you have to hinge on a particular conversation because someone has just dragged you. Most of the social media platforms today put us into some unwanted discussion and we are obliged to face many consequences. We may not like the person who has mentioned us, but we can’t express it as our account is in the spotlight. At certain times, we are continually irritated by unwanted direct messages that stay unopened in our inboxes. We joined live sessions because we just promised them to collaborate. Someone may write an irrelevant comment on your post to drive your traffic to them or even abuse you publicly. All these situations bring our mental health down leading us to stay disturbed. Trying to show off everything in our life, we never enjoyed the present. Continuous show-off leads to questioning ourselves and results in various psychological issues. We come up with the idea of “Social media detox”. We start falling in love with reality, and this can get you an introvert tagline. Being an introvert these days can result in missing various opportunities, feeling lonely and ignored. As we get to know most of the happenings around us only through social media, it has become our lifeblood. It is a gold mine for several businesses as they generate enormous leads and deals. that's why social media marketing for businesses are very essential. 

When talking about social media platforms, Twitter is one of the highly active social media platforms around the globe. It has around 330 million active users with most officials and celebrities releasing their updates on Twitter with high priority. As Twitter is an open platform without many restrictions, anyone on the platform can tag a person, retweet other’s content, and reply to our tweet publicly. These options help us to expand our network but may also trigger us to spend more time on that platform with continuous notifications. Most of the growing influencers and existing celebrities are missing their personal/family time. 

Socializing at the expense of one’s mental health is awful. So, these platforms had been trying hard to introduce various features to give better control to the users on their followers. The options like 

  1. Muting a person or an entire conversation 
  2. Controlling whether anyone on the platform or only your followers can reply to your tweets
  3. Setting alerts on offensive comments aids a person to use social media in a better way without disturbing one’s mental health. 



Twitter is recently working on the “Leave this Conversation” option that allows its users to avoid conversations from unnecessary threads. With this novel option, users can un-tag themselves and stay away from frequent notifications. This option seems to be a more advanced version of the current “Unmentioned Yourself” option. The “Leave the Conversation” option is direct and easily understandable by the users. Twitter product designer Dominic Scamozzi wrote on August 17th, 2021 that the unmentioned option has been rephrased as “Leave the conversation” as that was more confusing. 


  • If you encounter someone unwantedly mentioning you in their reply or tweet, you can click on the three dots available on the top right corner. 
  • Next to the “Mute this conversation” option, you will have an option to leave that conversation. 
  • You can click on that and reconfirm. The tweet tag becomes inactive, so people cannot tap through your profile. 
  • Also, you will stop receiving any notification from that particular thread. 
  • Please note that you cannot rejoin this conversation once you have left it. 

If you are disturbed with social media platforms, but still using them because your business is online and dependent on social media platforms, these novel features can be a boon. Just use these new features and make sure you simultaneously run your business and stay mentally fit. 

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