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Safer And Seamless Wat To Connect With Your Loved Ones

Posted By Gaurav | 30-Nov--0001 | SMM
Experience a fresh, safer, and seamless approach to connecting with your loved ones. Our innovative solution brings you closer to those who matter most, ensuring meaningful interactions like never before.

The pandemic outbreak has taught us new ways to connect and share our feelings with our dear and near ones. People without meeting their friends and families in person have started to spend most of their time on calls, video-conferencing, chats, etcetera. During the initial days of the pandemic, most of the events and meetings were on Zoom calls which had various features like sharing the screen, annotating, filters, etc. Business owners were able to meet their clients from their homes, and Corporations hosted their meetings seamlessly, schools and colleges conducted their classes/quizzes/events with Zoom features like polls, raising hands, and many more.

Later on, people were able to connect only for 45 minutes with the free version. The call gets disconnected every 45 minutes so users have to rejoin the link manually to continue their meeting. Disconnecting frequently forced people to subscribe to the premium version by paying a fee. Schools, corporates, and businesses did not feel it complex while normal people using these platforms to connect with relatives during their leisure time didn’t feel it worth subscribing to the premium version.

Soon, they found various other platforms like Cisco Webex, Google Duo, Google Meets, etc. Slowly, every application started following the same model as Zoom did. WhatsApp, a Facebook-owned company also introduced updates like increasing the number of people in their video call feature from 4 to 8. Still, people felt that it was insufficient as they wanted to connect with many people at once

To cater to the changing needs of the users, messenger a quick and data-efficient messaging app founded by Facebook came with Messenger rooms. Messenger rooms can incorporate up to 50 people in a single video conference call. It started testing the cross-functionality of messenger rooms to integrate with all the messaging apps owned by the company like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

In May, Instagram rolled out an update to use Messenger Rooms shortcut from the app itself. Users can easily create a room, share and invite people with the link, and have fun video conferencing. Later on, Facebook started working on integrating Messenger rooms with WhatsApp, the number one messaging app. In August 2021, it was made available on the desktop version of the app. It is still not available within the mobile app, but one can use Messenger Rooms from the desktop version. 



There are two methods one can use Messenger Rooms through WhatsApp Web. 

Method 1: 

  • People can click on the three dots on the top left of the screen. Click the “Create a room” option that is available as the second option from the top. 
  • Once you click on it, a new window opens, and click the “Continue in Messenger” button to connect with people.
  • A person can log in to their Facebook account and invite other people to join.

Note: You don’t need to have a Messenger/Facebook account to join the link, but you need to have either of the accounts to create one. 

Method 2:

  • Users can create a Messenger room via chat option by clicking on the attachment pin available on the left bottom corner of one’s chat. 
  • Click on the “Room” option available, then click the “Continue in Messenger” button as shown below. 
  • Follow the same guidelines and create a room and stay connected with people. 

Owing to various types of lockdowns and people staying indoors, these updates will give healthy competition to video conferencing platforms like Zoom, G-Meet, etc. Let’s stay connected safely and virtually with these platforms.

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